Up & At ‘Em!

Good morning!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a bit hectic and I was exhausted!

It is currently 7:32 a.m. and I’ve already been up for an hour and had my breakfast. If you can’t tell, I am definitely a morning person! If that doesn’t convince you, then listen to what crazy things I did last night:

Fell asleep at 10 pm.

WOOOHOOOO, my first night as a college kid living on my own and I fell asleep at 10. But, hey, I’m not complaining, I enjoy my mornings! :] After all, look at my view: the sun is streaming in, a wonderful bowl of oatmeal {yes, I am obsessed}, and a strong cup of coffee. I am ready to tackle today! 


On the agenda for today is:

  • Strength train & stretch
  • Find a Woodforest
  • Patiently wait for the gas company to activate our gas
  • {Hopefully} take the bike route to school
  • And go to the Engineering Honors meet-up tonight

I’m trying to plan out my day so that I don’t feel like a lost puppy. I like having responsibilities, but I prefer them to be organized. 

On a complete tangent, if you are not a fan of oatmeal, I am here to tell you that you are wrong ❤ If you don’t like the texture, then I completely understand. I’m a texture person too. But, if you just don’t like how it tastes then try this combo: oats, almond butter {or PB}, banana, honey, cinnamon. OH MAN. Your life will be changed. Mine was. Now I’m just waiting a bit for my oatmeal to digest so that I can use it as fuel for my workout. 

I’m done rambling, sooooo have a VERY merry Monday {and the rest of the week!} :]



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