Color in Motion!

Mi padre & I after we finished! It was loads of fun :] In regards to the… Color: It was fun! At certain checkpoints, volunteers would be ready to throw TONS of color at you and sometimes I’d have to cover my mouth! Running: Ohhh, man. Give me a flat course and I can run […]



Here we go. Random list of thoughts.

  • Long time no see. Because today I had my first biology test. And I’ve been studying OUT THE WAZOO. And the test was still so freaking hard. But I think I did alright!
  • I just finished an arms and abs workout and now my arms feel weird typing this.
  • I am currently drinking Yogi Muscle Recovery Green Tea and semi-listening to Seinfield in the background.
  • Seinfield gets a little funnier every time I watch it, but it’s still no Friends.
  • Tomorrow is my 5 mile run. 
  • Which means that soon I’m going to get a massage or a pedicure! #treatyoself
  • I did a pyschoanalysis on Finding Nemo. I may have ruined the movie for myself, but now I really want to watch it. 
  • And Hunger Games, I want to watch that too.
  • I haven’t had pizza in MONTHS.
  • I can’t wait for Christmas.
  • I really really really really it to be cooler outside.
  • And I also really really really really want to carve a pumpkin.
  • And bake so many pumpkin based treats.
  • Also, I want Whataburger chicken strips. With BBQ sauce. 
  • I want wonton soup. Or french onion soup. 
  • soup ❤
  • I love my Wednesdays. They’re so chill.
  • Also, did I mention OUR DRYER IS FIXED!
  • okkkk bye


It’s Friday!

Happy Friday! :]

I survived the week! Sadly, however, I have SOOOOO much to do this weekend. Ugh. I should be getting a head start. but this week has been mentally and physically exhausting, so I’m going to push off the school work for a little while longer.

I was done with classes at noon, so I came home, had a really good lunch and started trying to cross things off my non-academic to do list.

I drove {in the pouring rain, might I add} to the post office not far from my apartment, only to find out that it is closed for construction! 😦

When I got back, I attempted to will myself to get busy with school, but it didn’t work. Instead, I took a nap and now I am writing this while drinking green tea. 

This weather makes me want to bake and bake and bake, but I don’t want to spend the money on certain ingredients and I also don’t want to go back into the rain to get those ingredients. Haha! 

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Transformation Tuesday.


I am very tired, but I just wanted to say that today has been crazy. After a weak run and intense feeling of antsy-ness, I finally got my butt into gear and was productive and finished my day off strong with a 4.0 mile training run that I had planned, so yipppeeee! :]


To run the Austin Half or to save my $$$?



Now, on to the title. 

Today (and every Tuesday), allll over Instagram & Twitter, people post their #transformationtuesday.

So today I thought I’d post mine on here :] To document progress. 

Circa 2010.

Small shirt. Medium shorts.




Small shirt. Medium shorts.


Such poor quality. I know I know.




Let’s Talk About: Exhaustion.

Hello people,

I am tired. Today’s agenda started at 5:45 a.m. and it went like this:

  • Wake up
  • Oatmeal
  • Shuttle
  • Calc
  • Chem
  • Bio
  • RUN 3.75 mi
  • Study at the FAC & eat lunch
  • Bio discussion
  • Go home and grab some HW
  • Starbucks study sesh with just me, my notes, Pandora, and a PSL.

Well, the exhaustion set in after my run. Mondays are not running days. However, because of my busy weekend, I bumped the run for today, even though I have runs planned for tomorrow and Thursday… (Yes, stupid me.)

It was supposedly 84 degrees outside, so I threw my stuff in my locker and decided to run outside. Well well well, I ended up having to stop three times (only one was longish!) I ran a little slower than normal, but I blame that on the heat and hilllllllllllls. My legs are feeling the burn still! I’m not complaining though! Sore today. Stronger tomorrow. 

However, after the long and hot run, I felt pretty exhausted. I searched high and low for a Gatorade to dilute in my water bottle, but the vending machines only sold Powerade (which I don’t like) and it was TWO DOLLARS. No way, Jose. I decided to stick with my water. 

Anyway, the plan was I would get home, grab my hw, not even take my backpack off and hop into the car to go to Starbucks.

That didn’t happen. Instead, I microwaved a sweet potato, threw together a side salad, and made a cup of Yogi Muscle Recovery Green Tea. I’ll read biology in the peace of my own home 🙂 I’ll get my PSL and studying in after my 4 miler tomorrow.

Besides, so many kids are getting sick, I don’t want to overwork myself and compromise my superhuman immune system ;]

Now on the agenda is to procrastinate a bit longer, finish my tea, SHOWER, and then get to reading.

Until later,

Juliana ❤ 


My Weekend!


I’ve been slacking with da blog. But I’ve been productive with school work and life in general! 

But that’s all boring, so let’s focus on this weekend.

Alex came to visit :] ❤

I had class until noon on Friday, so I got home and finished as much homework as I could before he got here at 1:30. 

As soon as he got here, it was weekend time! It was so so so much fun. Impressively, we only went out to eat ONCE. Yes, yes, we played our parts as poor college kids, so we made most of our meals at home, but it was fun nonetheless. Because of this, we went to HEB four times I think. But hey, HEB is a fun place to be…

And so is WHOLE FOOOODDDDSSSSS. Alex has visited me in Austin two times now and both times we’ve gone to Whole Foods. It’s so high society. And awesome. Enough said.

We wandered around A TON. It’s kind of what we do best since we’re both so indecisive. We also went to Starbucks for a while on Saturday and I worked on bio homework and he did miscellaneous things, but just spending time together is still the best :]

I apologize for the cheesiness, but I’m a romantic at heart so I just can’t help it.

We also watched Star Trek: Into the Darkness again. IT WAS JUST AS GOOD THE SECOND TIME. The first time we saw it was on prom night when we peaced out from the lame dance. ;]


A funny thing that happened this weekend:

Our dryer has been broken for a while, so I washed my clothes and needed to go to the laundromat to dry them! Well, there’s one right by my apartments that has dryers for free from 12 am to 6 am, so we decided to be adventurous and go on a late night drying extravaganza! Not only that, but there’s a 24/7 coffee shop by campus that we’ve been wanting to go to, so that was on the agenda for the night/morning too! 

Well, here’s the thing. We both PASSED OUT. It was a long day I guess? Haha :] I had set an alarm to go off just in case I fell asleep (because Alex had been sleeping for a while), but when it went off I was too tired to even imagine getting up and doing things and Alex didn’t even wake up at all!

That kind of stunk, but hey, getting sleep is never a bad thing! We can save the adventures for next time :]

All in all, it was a great weekend! Even when my tears came out when he left 😦 (Yes, I am a baby.)

Have a great week!




Let’s Talk About: Running.


Let’s get talking. So if you didn’t know, last month I created a training plan for myself. I’m not training for a specific race, but instead, I’m just going the distance. By the end of December, I should be ready for a half marathon (or more!) 

The plan incorporates cross training, running, rest, strength training, and stretching. As well as an occasional taper. Here is the tentative plan for September: 



Every now and then I have to switch around some runs because life is unpredictable, but I normally stay pretty on track! 

Here’s the thing though, lately I’ve been experiencing some knee pain 😦 This would be understandable to me if I was running a ton, but it’s only three times a week! I’ve googled it and read some stuff and a majority says that knee pain can be linked to weak quadriceps. Well, I really don’t think that’s my issue because {to me} squats, wall sits, and lunges are ❤

The pain isn’t unbearable, but it’s more of an annoyance. However, I don’t want it to develop into a real issue. I feel pretty pitiful saying this considering I’m running such short distances… 

Nevertheless, my next thought was my shoes. Perhaps I’m not getting the right support. My running shoes are Saucony Echelons and I got them two years ago. Maybe it’s time for a new pair..? I went to Luke’s Locker to get fitted for them and I was told I have a neutral running foot. Is it possible that has changed? That I need different shoes to support my new running form? I don’t know. I have decreased my mile time {for longer distances} by five minutes since 2011, so maybe I really have just worn my shoes down.

I am not an expert, so I really have no idea if anything I am saying is valid. But I need HELPPPPP. 

I love to run! And I want to run far and fast.

Okay peace!

P.S. As I was looking through my training plan, I realized that, in December, I have my Bio final on an 11.25 mile run day. Hmm, maybe that’ll change! Haha!


Sorry for the absence people!

Now, straight to the “ohhhhh.”

I now understand what stress is. 

You see, I’ve had my future alllll planned out. Major in biomedical engineering, go to med school, become a doctor. OR, major in biomedical engineering, work in labs, go to graduate school, do research.

Sounds safe and smart and hard, right?

Well, here’s the thing. I don’t want to do that anymore. Granted, I’ve only been in class 2 weeks, but I can already tell that, in the long run, it won’t make me happy.

I enjoy working and interacting with people. I also enjoy working out, being healthy, learning how nutrition, and still helping the world. Add all those things up and what does that lead me to want to be? A dietitian and/or nutritionist with a focus in international nutrition. 

When I tell people that, they say “well, will that get you a job?” or “does that pay well?” And in all honesty, I really don’t care.

Why would I want to major in something and waste time and money on it if it’s going to make me unhappy? 

With a focus on international nutrition, I would be working on world hunger and malnutrition all over the world. I care about that. It excites me to think about getting to do that.

This year I will only take two BME specific courses, so I’m going to give it a year to make my decision. However, next semester, I am going to take Intro to Nutrition to get a feel for it. 

I want to be happy with my life. And I know it’s just the beginning and I’ve got time, but I want to enjoy ALL of it. I don’t want to look back and think about how miserable I was freshman year, you know?

Those have been my thoughts lately. It’s hard to focus on infinite series, sulfhydryl groups, and kinetic molecular theory of gases in ideal conditions, when all I’m thinking about is how unhappy it makes me. 

It’s all putting a weight on my shoulders and heart. Alas, I shall carry on.

With such a big decision to make and with the fear of making the wrong one, this gives me hope:


Have a good night!