Hello, September!

Hello hello hello,

and happy {late} September! I am giddy about September because this is the month when fall becomes official and that makes me so merry! :] 

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I have been busy and happy!

This weekend, my mom, Erica, and Alex came up to Austin to visit! :]

We trekked all around Austin, explored high society grocery stores, chilled, and had a really freaking good time ❤

ImageCan you tell? ;]

However, they left this morning, and back to college life I went. 

I ended up falling back asleep until 11 {WHAT?! If you know me, you know this is a rare occasion.} Afterwards, I went to Luke’s house to pick up my laundry since our dryer’s broken. And guess what?! THEY WERE STILL DAMP. So I had to hang everything to drip dry.

Sabrina and I had plans to workout so I quickly consumed some fuel, (one piece of wheat toast + 1/2 banana + flax seeds + honey + crunchy almond butter) t’was delicious.

After discovering that my bike’s back tire was flat, for the fourth time in three months, we went to Mellow Johnny’s for a new tire and tube. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be riding to campus for school instead of taking the shuttle!

After that struggle, Sabrina, Mathew, and myself headed to campus to go to Gregory. I ran 2.5 miles on the indoor track, but sadly I don’t know my time or pace because my Nike app flipped out. I followed that up with some push ups, abs, and 60 sec wall sit. It wasn’t much, but I moved my muscles and broke a sweat!

I’m a little worried about the pain in my left hamstring. I’ve been stretching it and watching it, but I’m not very good at relaxing or taking things easy. Yet, I don’t want to do any serious damage! I think I’ll tape it for my 2.75 mi run tomorrow.

I’ve been procrastinating some difficult calculus homework by writing this post hahaha :] but also, I have a batch of these beautiful pumpkin muffins in the oven! I’ve made them before and they’re amazing with a cup of coffee or almond butter and milk.

Well, I should probably get to integrating now! I’ll talk to ya later!




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