Pure Bliss.

My room is cold, I’m wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie, Ingrid Michaelson Pandora is softly playing, and Christmas string lights and lightning are the only thingslighting up my room. 

It’s unusually dark outside, but that’s due to the dark storm clouds that came rolling in, accompanied by loud thunder and BRIGHT lightning. 

It all makes me so happy :]

I only had classes until noon today, since then I’ve: completed almost all my homework, did a quick but challenging dumbbell workout, and have relaxed. I had a hot cup of green tea this afternoon and a cup of coffee this morning, but if someone showed up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for me, I would invite them in and bake for them to express my gratitude. ;]

Speaking of gratitude, lately I’ve been thinking of some things I am unbelievably thankful for so here they are! 

My family: For dealing with me and loving me and supporting me.



Alex & Eileen: Alex, for being the best boyfriend any girl could possibly have. Eileen, for giving me the best friendship that others could only dream of.


School: Calculus may already be killing me, but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to pursue such big dreams {even if they are always slightly changing.}



Hook ’em \m/ :]

Life in general: 

I am alive and healthy and happy. What more could I possibly want? :]



Have a wonderful night! 



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