Let’s Talk About: Running.


Let’s get talking. So if you didn’t know, last month I created a training plan for myself. I’m not training for a specific race, but instead, I’m just going the distance. By the end of December, I should be ready for a half marathon (or more!) 

The plan incorporates cross training, running, rest, strength training, and stretching. As well as an occasional taper. Here is the tentative plan for September: 



Every now and then I have to switch around some runs because life is unpredictable, but I normally stay pretty on track! 

Here’s the thing though, lately I’ve been experiencing some knee pain 😦 This would be understandable to me if I was running a ton, but it’s only three times a week! I’ve googled it and read some stuff and a majority says that knee pain can be linked to weak quadriceps. Well, I really don’t think that’s my issue because {to me} squats, wall sits, and lunges are ❤

The pain isn’t unbearable, but it’s more of an annoyance. However, I don’t want it to develop into a real issue. I feel pretty pitiful saying this considering I’m running such short distances… 

Nevertheless, my next thought was my shoes. Perhaps I’m not getting the right support. My running shoes are Saucony Echelons and I got them two years ago. Maybe it’s time for a new pair..? I went to Luke’s Locker to get fitted for them and I was told I have a neutral running foot. Is it possible that has changed? That I need different shoes to support my new running form? I don’t know. I have decreased my mile time {for longer distances} by five minutes since 2011, so maybe I really have just worn my shoes down.

I am not an expert, so I really have no idea if anything I am saying is valid. But I need HELPPPPP. 

I love to run! And I want to run far and fast.

Okay peace!

P.S. As I was looking through my training plan, I realized that, in December, I have my Bio final on an 11.25 mile run day. Hmm, maybe that’ll change! Haha!

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