Here we go. Random list of thoughts.

  • Long time no see. Because today I had my first biology test. And I’ve been studying OUT THE WAZOO. And the test was still so freaking hard. But I think I did alright!
  • I just finished an arms and abs workout and now my arms feel weird typing this.
  • I am currently drinking Yogi Muscle Recovery Green Tea and semi-listening to Seinfield in the background.
  • Seinfield gets a little funnier every time I watch it, but it’s still no Friends.
  • Tomorrow is my 5 mile run. 
  • Which means that soon I’m going to get a massage or a pedicure! #treatyoself
  • I did a pyschoanalysis on Finding Nemo. I may have ruined the movie for myself, but now I really want to watch it. 
  • And Hunger Games, I want to watch that too.
  • I haven’t had pizza in MONTHS.
  • I can’t wait for Christmas.
  • I really really really really it to be cooler outside.
  • And I also really really really really want to carve a pumpkin.
  • And bake so many pumpkin based treats.
  • Also, I want Whataburger chicken strips. With BBQ sauce. 
  • I want wonton soup. Or french onion soup. 
  • soup ❤
  • I love my Wednesdays. They’re so chill.
  • Also, did I mention OUR DRYER IS FIXED!
  • okkkk bye


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