‘Tis the Season!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, so let’s catch up!

This Weekend:

I went home this weekend! :] I ended up coming on Thursday night and I attempted to surprise Alex, but he always figures it out! :[ Nonetheless, it was really fun! On Friday we hung out quite a bit and went to Magnolia Diner for breakfast! {That may have been Saturday morning… I don’t remember haha!} Friday night we went to dinner with Erica and my dad and then saw Captain Phillips afterwards. HOLY GUACAMOLE. That is a good movie! Go watch it!

On Saturday I went suit shopping with Blake and Alex {I wandered & they shopped!} Later, Alex and I went on a run which, I don’t know if he’d agree, I thought I was really fun! I love to run and I ESPECIALLY love running with people I love! :] We went to lunch with my mom and then rented Now You See Me and bought pumpkins to carve! It was the first time he has ever carved a pumpkin. CRAAAZZZZYYYY RIGHT?! I love to carve pumpkins! :] We even roasted the seeds, but they just didn’t come out like I wish they had! 



Alex’s – Mine – Erica’s :] 

cute right?! I love them with the real candles inside!

On Sunday, Alex and I had plans to make pancakes, but their electricity was out! He had to work, but he came over before it was time for me to go home! :]

All in all it was a very fun weekend! ❤


Ugh. Haha, doesn’t that say enough?! I’m starting to feel comfortable in biology {it only took half the semester!} However, I am terrified about computing… I really really don’t want to fail, but it’s like a foreign language! And I don’t have the option of Google Translate! D: Other than that, school is school. I’m only taking 12 hours next semester, hollllaaaaaa! And I’m on track to graduate a semester early {granted I don’t fail… coughcoughcomputingcoughcough.}

Aaaaaand I’m procrastinating by writing this post! ;P hahaha


:] Since I’ve been getting into my longer runs, I’ve noticed that I always start feeling pretty sick about an hour afterwards. Originally, I thought I just wasn’t refueling properly. So today I brought chocolate milk and a hard boiled egg. But still, sitting in BME, I felt like I was going to die! :[ I talked to Sabrina and my dad {he’s done a marathon! Impressive, eh?} and they both gave me tips. This is what I’ve decided:

1. I need to drink while I run. I usually run around campus, so I normally stop by a water fountain when I get thirsty, but I need a more consistent supply of fluids. I’ve found that I get dry mouth even when I’ve been hydrating all day!

2. I need to replenish electrolytes. I guess this kind of goes hand and hand with #1. Seriously though, I’ve been so focused on replenishing protein and carbs {especially since one run burns ~700 calories w/ the distance I’m at now} that I tend to neglect electrolytes. I may buy some little bottles of gatorade to take with me!

3. Cut down on my long runs. I’ve posted a picture of my typical training schedule before, but in case you forgot, I run Tue.,Thur.,Sat. and I increase .25 miles every run. This was not a big deal when I was running 2.25-2.50-2.75. That’s nothing! However, now I’m at 8.0 miles! Logging ~24 miles a week is a lot, especially considering I only run 3x a week. So I’ve decided that I’m going to save my long run for Saturday morning and on Tuesday I will have an intermediate run and on Thursday I’ll have a speed focused short run!

Today was supposed to be 7.75 mi but I already had strained {or something like that} hamstrings, so I was in pain the ENTIRE time. I stopped after 5.9 miles. Seriously, I don’t think I enjoyed an ounce of that run and that makes me sad because I love to run! My path was pretty fun though. Lots of hills, which, in retrospect, probably didn’t help my hamstrings!

When I got back to Gregory I showered, ate my post-workout snack, and foam rolled by hamstrings a little. Oh man, the foam rolling hurt so good! Haha! I think I may invest in a roller soon…

The Title:

Is it bothering you?! Haha! Well, Halloween is coming up soon {and I have a surprise planned for my friends here in ATX!} However, it’s not Christmas time, but I’m already listening to Christmas Pandora! ;] It makes me so cheery and excited and ready to finish this semester! I am so excited for Thanksgiving though! We’re having it in good ole Magnolia and I’m doing a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning! :] Then, I am having my first Black Friday experience {hopefully} with Blake and Alex. Yaaaaay for people watching!


Alright, it’s time for me to read bio stuff. Have a wonderful week!




Long time no post.

I’ve been very tired lately.

I just popped in to say hello!

I’m headed home this weekend for an autumn-filled weekend of baking and pumpkin carving and spiced apple cider!

YAY! :]

In the mean time, I am studying for calculus, biology, and attempting to figure out how to program in binary. {What the heck is a MASK op?!}


I went to group and peer advising for registration for next semester. I claimed a bunch of credits and with all of those credits I am already 25% done with my degree! So, I am on track to graduate a semester early aaaaand I only have to take 12 hours next semester. YAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Aight homies, I’ve been pretty productive today, so I am going to go chill. PEACE.

Today, so far!

It is cold and rainy!

But I got to bust out the riding boots, so I’m not complaining! ;]

I was done with class by noon and I came home for lunch.

It is beautiful and perfect for the cold day!



A plum. A cup of Trader Joe’s pumpkin soup {it’s so good!} And a handful of Trader Joe’s pita bite whole wheat crackers.

I’m eating it right now and it is hitting the spot! haha!

My agenda for the rest of the day is pretty nice too!

1. Grocery shopping – I’m buying hot chocolate mix {among other necessities haha}! 

2. Studying @ Starbucks!

3. Yoga at Gold’s!


It’s been a pretty good day!

Hope yours has been too!



The Grumps.

I can feel The Grumps setting in.

For some reason, I was unbelievably tired ALL DAY. Not only that, but I’m really sore from BodyPump yesterday!

First, I woke up and felt dead right away. I was completely pooped and I felt the exhaustion in my bones. Then, I got up and looked in the mirror and saw that I had broken out. Yippee. Afterward, I made oatmeal and then fell back asleep.

I had already decided to skip calc discussion because it is seriously the least helpful thing of all time.

I didn’t think I’d actually fall back asleep, but I did! For an hour. The only reason why I woke up was because I had set an alarm. Finally, I got up and legitimately had a freaking BOWL of coffee. No lie. It’s a big latte cup, I think. 

I went to BME discussion, which had the potential to be helpful, but my TA was talking about stuff we just learned tonight, so it was a waste of my time.

After my UGS class, Sabrina met me on campus for my run. It was supposed to be 6.75. It definitely wasn’t. We ran a 5K and I was unbelievably sluggish, sore, and tired the whole time. The only positive thing I took from the run was the progress. At the beginning of this summer, a “bad run” would’ve been ~half a mile. Now, my “bad run” is 3.1 miles. I’m okay with that!

Anyway, after that, I headed home for a bit. I wanted to take a power nap, but I just didn’t have the time 😦 

My BME class was dreadfully boring. Also, I was so tired and grumpy. 

Interestingly enough, I didn’t get impatient waiting for the bus. Normally I get so angry when the bus is late, but today I just appreciated getting to sit without listening to a lecture.

Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve had dinner and done chemistry homework.

The chemistry added to the grumps. It’s stupid and dumb and not consistent.

Ugh. I’m overtired and grumpy.



I need to remember this.



So since I’ve moved to ATX, the only Gold’s Gym I have been aware of was the one of 6th St. I’ve considered going multiple times, but normally I don’t want to have to ride there and I don’t want to have to deal with parking. Well, the other day on the way back from the mall, I saw one not far from my house {and also out of the way of downtown!}

Last night I looked up the class schedule because I’ve been dying for some BodyPump because that’s my surefire way of knowing that I’ve gotten a full body weight lifting workout.

Well low and behold, there was a class tonight at 6:45. So I went!

It felt so nice to be weight lifting after sooooo much running. 

Like I said, I haven’t taken a class or really done any serious weight lifting since I moved. So, I thought I would have to go down some weight on the bar. Haha, with all the running and leg workouts, it turned out I needed to go up on weight for my back and legs! My chest and arms… embarrassingly, I had to take weight off during some reps. However, after some time and some more workouts, I am confident that I will regain the muscle!

Also, I succeeded in my carb detox today, except for when I caved and had pretzels. but whatevsssssss.

Alright, I need to go and try to work on my annotated bibliography that’s due tomorrow. 

Peace out!


This Weekend…

Was amazing 🙂

Alex came to visit! ❤

He came up after he got off work on Thursday night, which was amazing since I had just finished my last test for two weeks, so I was finally stress free. He got to sleep in while I went to class on Friday morning. Not going to lie, it was tough sitting through my 8 am knowing my love was fast asleep and I had been awake since 5:45 :\

Haha, but anyway, I survived and finally I got home and Alex & I went to lunch at Joy East. Joy East is this big Chinese buffet right by where I live. We like it a lot (seeing as it was our second time going!) Afterwards, we adventured to Whole Foods and then HEB for fun and for groceries.

That night we went to see Prisoners. OH MY GOD. That movie is insane. First off, before the movie started, the person behind us accidentally spilled ketchup on the both of us, so that stunk, but the movie made up for it. Talk about a thriller. It was so freaking suspenseful I thought I was going to die. But funnily enough, Alex and I called who did it in the very beginning and we were right except for very few minor details!

On Saturday we did some adventuring and Goodwill shopping and some chilling too. Saturday night we went to Houndstooth Coffee on N. Lamar (after our failed attempt at going to Epoch Coffee) and it was so good! We both got a ton accomplished and Alex was ridiculously pleased with his vanilla latte! It was cute 😉

My cup had a Texas on the bottom and Alex’s didn’t, so it was a little unhappy haha!




We had plans to go running the next morning, but it rained ALL night and into the afternoon and now it’s just dreary and gross!

Because our running plans got rained on, we made pancakes for breakfast and decided to try and go to Epoch again for coffee and more productivity. 

First though we wandered around Target and I got excited about the Christmas decorations that are already out!

P.S. Notice my Halloween socks? Ask Alex, I was very excited about those ;]


Sadly, once again, Epoch was insanely crowded, so we went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf instead!

Later we came back to my house and made lunch and watched the Texans lose.

Eventually it was time for Alex to go home 😦 I’ll see him in two weeks, but it’s still so sad to watch him go…

However, I am feeling a little better now and I’m contemplating a workout in a bit. My head kind of hurts, so I really just want to be lazy.


On an unrelated to the weekend note:

School is going well. Tests are hard, of course, but I am having fun with the challenge! I had three straight weeks with tests and now I am test free for little while! :] Although, after writing that, I just remembered I have a quiz on Tuesday… UGH. But it’s in my favorite class (Identity Development in a Multicultural World) so it shouldn’t be too bad! 

Running is going GREAT! I tackled my 6.25 mile run on Thursday outside in the cold around campus and it went AMAZINGLY WELL. Normally, when I’m running hills, my pace slows down, but this time I managed to keep my pace faster than my average, even with the hills! :] :] :] This weekend I was supposed to do 6.5 miles, but that didn’t happen, so I’ll probably just wait until Tuesday and go to my 6.75.

Tomorrow I am going gluten free. Just for tomorrow though! The point of this is to cut down on my carb intake. I feel like it’s a majority of what I eat and I need to fix that. I run a lot, but after this weekend I just feel like I have a carb overload. Chinese food, sandwiches, bread, and pasta with no exercise is a bit much! So tomorrow is my carb detox. 

Anyway, life is good. Especially because it’s supposed to be getting cooler this week! Yippeykayay! 

How has everyone been?

Have an amazing week!



Want vs. Need

Things I want:

  • Egg white protein powder
  • Chia seeds
  • Garmin Forerunner
  • Nike shorts
  • Runner’s World subscription
  • A 12 lb. kettlebell
  • A 4.0 GPA ;P
  • A mini wallet/card holder
  • A pedicure! haha!

Things I need:

  • Nothing! 

Be thankful for what you have! ❤




Baked acorn squash w/ butter & parmeasan + mixed greens w/ EVOO & balsamic vinegar. Not your typical college student meal, right? ;] It was delicious! And nutrient dense! I bought the acorn squash about a week ago and finally made it. When I cut it open, the inside looked a LOT like a pumpkin, […]

Sister Runs.


I just finished up on some homework & now I’m chilling until Sabrina and I go running around Town Lake!

The weather is so so so nice! :]

Today’s run in 5.75 miles because I missed it this weekend & tomorrow’s run is 6.00 miles!

I’m very happy that Sabrina agreed to run with me because it motivates me a ton!

Sometimes she’ll come run with me on the indoor track in Gregory and we normally end up running apart because we have slightly different paces. But still, it’s motivating to have someone else running too, especially because I feel like I’m being chased so I need to run faster. Haha! 

Anyway, today was pretty good. The weather was AMAZING this morning. It’s gotten into the 80s now, but I’m not complaining because that’s waaaay better than 90-100s. 

I sat outside this morning after the second half of my calculus test to work on some school work and I did not want to get up to go inside for chemistry. It was too nice!

However, this afternoon my throat was really bothering me. I don’t know if it was allergies or just from sitting in the cold, but it hurt. I drank some hot green tea on the bus ride to go back to campus for bio discussion and it’s gone now, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t come back.

On a completely unrelated note,


He’s coming up on Thursday night {I think} and staying until Sunday. I’m sooooo excited.

I found a pumpkin patch on a farm around Bastrop and if the weather is cool enough, WE ARE GOING!

There’s even a corn maze!!


Also, I’ve made the decision to skip my calc & BME discussion tomorrow. Why? Because I finished all my calc HW {which is all we do in discussion} and we haven’t learned anything new in BME. Another plus is that by doing this my first class won’t be until 12:30! So I can wake up later than normal and go on my run around my house and then take a shower and have breakfast and do some chem studying and then head to campus. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Okay, that’s all!

Have a good October day!






Just popping in to say hey!

My schedule has been crazy lately! 

I’ve had so much studying to do lately.

I have my first BME 303 (Intro to computing) test tomorrow and my first M408D (calculus) test Friday!

That means lots of studying and lots of coffee and, luckily for me, lots of running in there too! :]

Now for some random tidbits:

  • I bought an acorn squash the other day and I am excited to try it! 
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf pumpkin lattes > Starbucks PSL
  • Time flies when you’re absorbed in your studying.
  • I am pooped.
  • Tomorrow’s run is 5.5 miles, so that’s exciting!
  • Although, I’m procrastinating grocery shopping until all the craziness is over, so I’m down to extremely thin pickins. ]:
  • The Big Bang Binge on TBS is over and now it’s all baseball.
  • That makes for a sad Juliana.
  • Also, I am a tired Juliana.

Just in case you wanted to know!

Alright, goodnight!