Just popping in to say hey!

My schedule has been crazy lately! 

I’ve had so much studying to do lately.

I have my first BME 303 (Intro to computing) test tomorrow and my first M408D (calculus) test Friday!

That means lots of studying and lots of coffee and, luckily for me, lots of running in there too! :]

Now for some random tidbits:

  • I bought an acorn squash the other day and I am excited to try it! 
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf pumpkin lattes > Starbucks PSL
  • Time flies when you’re absorbed in your studying.
  • I am pooped.
  • Tomorrow’s run is 5.5 miles, so that’s exciting!
  • Although, I’m procrastinating grocery shopping until all the craziness is over, so I’m down to extremely thin pickins. ]:
  • The Big Bang Binge on TBS is over and now it’s all baseball.
  • That makes for a sad Juliana.
  • Also, I am a tired Juliana.

Just in case you wanted to know!

Alright, goodnight!


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