This Weekend…

Was amazing 🙂

Alex came to visit! ❤

He came up after he got off work on Thursday night, which was amazing since I had just finished my last test for two weeks, so I was finally stress free. He got to sleep in while I went to class on Friday morning. Not going to lie, it was tough sitting through my 8 am knowing my love was fast asleep and I had been awake since 5:45 :\

Haha, but anyway, I survived and finally I got home and Alex & I went to lunch at Joy East. Joy East is this big Chinese buffet right by where I live. We like it a lot (seeing as it was our second time going!) Afterwards, we adventured to Whole Foods and then HEB for fun and for groceries.

That night we went to see Prisoners. OH MY GOD. That movie is insane. First off, before the movie started, the person behind us accidentally spilled ketchup on the both of us, so that stunk, but the movie made up for it. Talk about a thriller. It was so freaking suspenseful I thought I was going to die. But funnily enough, Alex and I called who did it in the very beginning and we were right except for very few minor details!

On Saturday we did some adventuring and Goodwill shopping and some chilling too. Saturday night we went to Houndstooth Coffee on N. Lamar (after our failed attempt at going to Epoch Coffee) and it was so good! We both got a ton accomplished and Alex was ridiculously pleased with his vanilla latte! It was cute 😉

My cup had a Texas on the bottom and Alex’s didn’t, so it was a little unhappy haha!




We had plans to go running the next morning, but it rained ALL night and into the afternoon and now it’s just dreary and gross!

Because our running plans got rained on, we made pancakes for breakfast and decided to try and go to Epoch again for coffee and more productivity. 

First though we wandered around Target and I got excited about the Christmas decorations that are already out!

P.S. Notice my Halloween socks? Ask Alex, I was very excited about those ;]


Sadly, once again, Epoch was insanely crowded, so we went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf instead!

Later we came back to my house and made lunch and watched the Texans lose.

Eventually it was time for Alex to go home 😦 I’ll see him in two weeks, but it’s still so sad to watch him go…

However, I am feeling a little better now and I’m contemplating a workout in a bit. My head kind of hurts, so I really just want to be lazy.


On an unrelated to the weekend note:

School is going well. Tests are hard, of course, but I am having fun with the challenge! I had three straight weeks with tests and now I am test free for little while! :] Although, after writing that, I just remembered I have a quiz on Tuesday… UGH. But it’s in my favorite class (Identity Development in a Multicultural World) so it shouldn’t be too bad! 

Running is going GREAT! I tackled my 6.25 mile run on Thursday outside in the cold around campus and it went AMAZINGLY WELL. Normally, when I’m running hills, my pace slows down, but this time I managed to keep my pace faster than my average, even with the hills! :] :] :] This weekend I was supposed to do 6.5 miles, but that didn’t happen, so I’ll probably just wait until Tuesday and go to my 6.75.

Tomorrow I am going gluten free. Just for tomorrow though! The point of this is to cut down on my carb intake. I feel like it’s a majority of what I eat and I need to fix that. I run a lot, but after this weekend I just feel like I have a carb overload. Chinese food, sandwiches, bread, and pasta with no exercise is a bit much! So tomorrow is my carb detox. 

Anyway, life is good. Especially because it’s supposed to be getting cooler this week! Yippeykayay! 

How has everyone been?

Have an amazing week!



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