So since I’ve moved to ATX, the only Gold’s Gym I have been aware of was the one of 6th St. I’ve considered going multiple times, but normally I don’t want to have to ride there and I don’t want to have to deal with parking. Well, the other day on the way back from the mall, I saw one not far from my house {and also out of the way of downtown!}

Last night I looked up the class schedule because I’ve been dying for some BodyPump because that’s my surefire way of knowing that I’ve gotten a full body weight lifting workout.

Well low and behold, there was a class tonight at 6:45. So I went!

It felt so nice to be weight lifting after sooooo much running. 

Like I said, I haven’t taken a class or really done any serious weight lifting since I moved. So, I thought I would have to go down some weight on the bar. Haha, with all the running and leg workouts, it turned out I needed to go up on weight for my back and legs! My chest and arms… embarrassingly, I had to take weight off during some reps. However, after some time and some more workouts, I am confident that I will regain the muscle!

Also, I succeeded in my carb detox today, except for when I caved and had pretzels. but whatevsssssss.

Alright, I need to go and try to work on my annotated bibliography that’s due tomorrow. 

Peace out!


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