The Grumps.

I can feel The Grumps setting in.

For some reason, I was unbelievably tired ALL DAY. Not only that, but I’m really sore from BodyPump yesterday!

First, I woke up and felt dead right away. I was completely pooped and I felt the exhaustion in my bones. Then, I got up and looked in the mirror and saw that I had broken out. Yippee. Afterward, I made oatmeal and then fell back asleep.

I had already decided to skip calc discussion because it is seriously the least helpful thing of all time.

I didn’t think I’d actually fall back asleep, but I did! For an hour. The only reason why I woke up was because I had set an alarm. Finally, I got up and legitimately had a freaking BOWL of coffee. No lie. It’s a big latte cup, I think. 

I went to BME discussion, which had the potential to be helpful, but my TA was talking about stuff we just learned tonight, so it was a waste of my time.

After my UGS class, Sabrina met me on campus for my run. It was supposed to be 6.75. It definitely wasn’t. We ran a 5K and I was unbelievably sluggish, sore, and tired the whole time. The only positive thing I took from the run was the progress. At the beginning of this summer, a “bad run” would’ve been ~half a mile. Now, my “bad run” is 3.1 miles. I’m okay with that!

Anyway, after that, I headed home for a bit. I wanted to take a power nap, but I just didn’t have the time 😦 

My BME class was dreadfully boring. Also, I was so tired and grumpy. 

Interestingly enough, I didn’t get impatient waiting for the bus. Normally I get so angry when the bus is late, but today I just appreciated getting to sit without listening to a lecture.

Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve had dinner and done chemistry homework.

The chemistry added to the grumps. It’s stupid and dumb and not consistent.

Ugh. I’m overtired and grumpy.



I need to remember this.

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