‘Tis the Season!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, so let’s catch up!

This Weekend:

I went home this weekend! :] I ended up coming on Thursday night and I attempted to surprise Alex, but he always figures it out! :[ Nonetheless, it was really fun! On Friday we hung out quite a bit and went to Magnolia Diner for breakfast! {That may have been Saturday morning… I don’t remember haha!} Friday night we went to dinner with Erica and my dad and then saw Captain Phillips afterwards. HOLY GUACAMOLE. That is a good movie! Go watch it!

On Saturday I went suit shopping with Blake and Alex {I wandered & they shopped!} Later, Alex and I went on a run which, I don’t know if he’d agree, I thought I was really fun! I love to run and I ESPECIALLY love running with people I love! :] We went to lunch with my mom and then rented Now You See Me and bought pumpkins to carve! It was the first time he has ever carved a pumpkin. CRAAAZZZZYYYY RIGHT?! I love to carve pumpkins! :] We even roasted the seeds, but they just didn’t come out like I wish they had! 



Alex’s – Mine – Erica’s :] 

cute right?! I love them with the real candles inside!

On Sunday, Alex and I had plans to make pancakes, but their electricity was out! He had to work, but he came over before it was time for me to go home! :]

All in all it was a very fun weekend! ❤


Ugh. Haha, doesn’t that say enough?! I’m starting to feel comfortable in biology {it only took half the semester!} However, I am terrified about computing… I really really don’t want to fail, but it’s like a foreign language! And I don’t have the option of Google Translate! D: Other than that, school is school. I’m only taking 12 hours next semester, hollllaaaaaa! And I’m on track to graduate a semester early {granted I don’t fail… coughcoughcomputingcoughcough.}

Aaaaaand I’m procrastinating by writing this post! ;P hahaha


:] Since I’ve been getting into my longer runs, I’ve noticed that I always start feeling pretty sick about an hour afterwards. Originally, I thought I just wasn’t refueling properly. So today I brought chocolate milk and a hard boiled egg. But still, sitting in BME, I felt like I was going to die! :[ I talked to Sabrina and my dad {he’s done a marathon! Impressive, eh?} and they both gave me tips. This is what I’ve decided:

1. I need to drink while I run. I usually run around campus, so I normally stop by a water fountain when I get thirsty, but I need a more consistent supply of fluids. I’ve found that I get dry mouth even when I’ve been hydrating all day!

2. I need to replenish electrolytes. I guess this kind of goes hand and hand with #1. Seriously though, I’ve been so focused on replenishing protein and carbs {especially since one run burns ~700 calories w/ the distance I’m at now} that I tend to neglect electrolytes. I may buy some little bottles of gatorade to take with me!

3. Cut down on my long runs. I’ve posted a picture of my typical training schedule before, but in case you forgot, I run Tue.,Thur.,Sat. and I increase .25 miles every run. This was not a big deal when I was running 2.25-2.50-2.75. That’s nothing! However, now I’m at 8.0 miles! Logging ~24 miles a week is a lot, especially considering I only run 3x a week. So I’ve decided that I’m going to save my long run for Saturday morning and on Tuesday I will have an intermediate run and on Thursday I’ll have a speed focused short run!

Today was supposed to be 7.75 mi but I already had strained {or something like that} hamstrings, so I was in pain the ENTIRE time. I stopped after 5.9 miles. Seriously, I don’t think I enjoyed an ounce of that run and that makes me sad because I love to run! My path was pretty fun though. Lots of hills, which, in retrospect, probably didn’t help my hamstrings!

When I got back to Gregory I showered, ate my post-workout snack, and foam rolled by hamstrings a little. Oh man, the foam rolling hurt so good! Haha! I think I may invest in a roller soon…

The Title:

Is it bothering you?! Haha! Well, Halloween is coming up soon {and I have a surprise planned for my friends here in ATX!} However, it’s not Christmas time, but I’m already listening to Christmas Pandora! ;] It makes me so cheery and excited and ready to finish this semester! I am so excited for Thanksgiving though! We’re having it in good ole Magnolia and I’m doing a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning! :] Then, I am having my first Black Friday experience {hopefully} with Blake and Alex. Yaaaaay for people watching!


Alright, it’s time for me to read bio stuff. Have a wonderful week!



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