November Love.

November is my favorite month.

Okay, so maybe I say that about every month, but I just love the exciting things that each month brings!

However, I thought that in the spirit of November beginning, I would write about things I love about November! :]

I love:

The seasonal Starbucks drinks! {Caramel Brulee Lattes & Gingebread Lattes!}

The start of the holiday season!

The last few weeks of the semester!

The anticipation for Thanksgiving & the 5 mile run that Erica and I are doing Thanksgiving morning!

The cooler weather ❤

The fact that I can listen to Christmas music without getting COMPLETELY judged! ;]

Also, the fact that Christmas decorations are in stores!

The warm, delicious, comforting fall foods.

Daylight Savings :] 

Long sleeve t-shirts!

Playing outside without sweating {unless I’m running or working out, of course!}

2013 at its near end and making way for 2014 :]


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