Running update.


I am writing this to you as I am finishing my coffee. I already ran 9 miles and demolished a big bowl of oatmeal {rolled oats, PB, PB2 (bleh), chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin spice, 1/2 banana!} As soon as I finish this post I am taking a shower and hopefully taking a nap.

Let’s talk about running.

Today was my nine mile long run and it went pretty well. Except for the fact that I was SO SLOW. I don’t get it! Sometimes I’ll run 4 miles faster than my average pace, but then as soon as I hit the road for a long run I keep a slow but steady pace. It drives me nuts. Sabrina and I discussed it and she said it’s probably a mix of hydration and fatigue and stuff which makes sense.

Last night I went on a freaking awesome grocery shopping trip. I loaded my pantry up with wholesome foods and I am so ready for the week! One thing that I got was a PowerGel {strawberry banana flavored!} Last time I had one was during my first half marathon in Nov. 2011 and I spit it out into my hand because the texture was sick nasty. However, lately during my longer runs, I tend to get a little drained a little after half way because I’m already tired and I start to get hungry, so I figured I would try the gu again! I probably only used about 1/3 of it, but it really did help. Even if it was psychological. I felt more energized and powerful. 

Next, let’s talk about my knees 😦 For some reason, I’ve been getting serious pain in my knees. But like smack dab in the middle of my knees. After some extensive internet research, I think that it’s just time for new running shoes. I’ve had these ones since training for the half in Nov. 2011 so I think they’ve stopped absorbing shock! Also, I get some ankle pain when I’m first starting, but it tends to numb away about 2 miles in. Any experts out there that can help me figure out this knee issue? It’s not on the sides or the back of the knee, but right in the middle, as if where my knee bends is squeaky or unoiled like the Tin Man!

I also think I am going to invest in a water belt soon! I want one of the ones with the little pods. I jump for joy and sprint to a water fountain almost every time I see one when I’m running. I am a thirsty runner and today the Gu just made me thirstier!

Alright, I am tired and I need to shower, so I will talk to you guys later! :]

Here’s my pre-run selfie from this morning.


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