A to Z!

Yes, I am procrastinating by writing this. Nothing new! :]

A is for age: 18! Well, 18.5 in ten days.

B is for breakfast today: A PB & almond butter sandwich with 1/2 a banana + flax seeds + chia seeds & a cup of milk

C is for currently craving: PIZZA!

D is for dinner tonight: I had a turkey patty w/ cheese, a baked sweet potato, & 1/2 a green bell pepper

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running! Although, BodyPump & Zumba A LOT!

F is for irrational fear: Failing out of college…

G is for gross food: Crawfish. Blech. Any seafood really. Except for tuna in a can.

H is for hometown: Good ole Magnolia :]

I is for something important: The people I love ❤

J is for current jams: Pompeii x Bastille

K is for kids: Uhhhh, no. Not on the agenda as of now.

L is for current location: ATX.

M is for most recent way you spent money: Groceries!

N is for something you need: Motivation to study…

O is for occupation: None :[

P is for pet peeve: Barely tugging on my headphones when they’re in my ears.

Q is for quote: 


R is for random fact: I have never dyed my hair, gotten stitches, or broken a bone.

S is for healthy snack: PB & banana! ❤ ❤ ❤

T is for favorite treat: COOKIES

U is for what makes you unique: I don’t care about getting rich one day.

V is for favorite veggie: Oh man… ALL OF THEM

W is for today’s workout: 500 yd swim! I would’ve done more but my swim cap gave me a massive headache :[

X is for X-rays: None!

Y is for yesterday’s highlights: I was with my love ❤

Z is for time zone: Central. 


Now I need to study. ):

Studying is always better with a cup of coffee in hand, but that seems like a bad idea considering it’s almost 8 pm…


Peace out!


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