10 out of 10!


I am so so so pleased! Like I said yesterday, I was planning to do my 10 miler today and I DID! I got it done and it felt pretty good. I tackled some insane hills, INSANE HILLS. But yayayayayay! Now I don’t have to worry about it this weekend. I can enjoy judging and Carrabas and waffles without the thought of a long run on my mind :]

My first couple miles were all sub 10 minute miles :O IT WAS AWESOME! But then I got tired and I hit the hills and went through downtown so I had to keep stopping and starting because of lights.

I also got momentarily lost on N. Lamar so I turned down 15th street and that’s when I hit the most insane hill of all time. I was going SO slow but I did not stop!

Alright, peace!

One thought on “10 out of 10!

  1. Lovely blog! I got here through the Elf4Health list, is that creepy? If so, sorry 😀
    It brings back memories of my freshman year and that’s nice since I now started grad school and I feel sort of old… 😉

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