I’m alive!

I feel like I haven’t posted in a loooooong time!

This is the final week of classes and then I have four intense finals to take… DUN DUN DUN!

I made a pretty massive to do list for this week, but I am proud to say that I am striking things off left and right!

This post will be pretty short because it’s only 8:30 but I’ve finished my homework and I am ready to get in my bed!

I had a great Thanksgiving and I am so ready for Christmas break!


So much fun is going to happen over Christmas break and I am T-minus 12 days away from freedom!


Anyway, last night I started Divergent and I finished it by 1 pm today… IT WAS AMAZING! HOLY MOLEY! I saw a commerical for it when we saw Catching Fire over the holiday break and I decided to read it before the movie came out… It was so good. So good. I just… Dang. It was good.

Although, it does make me want to learn MMA and get tattoos and dive roll out of cars… ;]

Anyway, I am going to go relax since tomorrow will be jam packed! Peace out!

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