I am a snowman! I am so so so cold. I like the cold when I’m prepared! However, I do not have the correct clothing for this weather, so I feel pretty miserable waiting in the 32 degree cold for the bus for 25 minutes!

I don’t want to buy more winter clothes though, because Texas has a knack for switching seasons in the blink of an eye. For example, Monday and Tuesday this week was in the 80s and today the high is 38! Silly Texas.


Haha fo realz

I’m writing this because I’m chilling in the PCL until my UGS pizza party! We are watching a movie and eating pizza and analyzing the movie through all the critical theory lenses we learned this semester.

And guess what?! I’m eating the pizza! GASP. IT’S NOT EVEN WHOLE WHEAT! ;] haha! I have a long run planned tomorrow so I’m going to let this fatty, greasy meal be my fuel! #noragrets

The a in regrets is intentional… NAME THAT MOVIE.

This weekend, Alex, Blake, and Miranda are in town for the UT speech tournament and they are staying with me. I’m not judging though (aw, no money) because I’m going to start studying for finals tomorrow!

I would’ve started today, but I wanted to relax. I didn’t get much sleep last night, so when I came home from class today, I ate lunch and passed out for TWO hours. I overslept though because now I just feel more tired than before I fell asleep even though I made myself coffee when I woke up!

Anyway, after the “party,” I am going to Gregory for a sweat sesh and then I’m headed home to start studying… Maybe.
I might make banana muffins instead… We shall see…

I have four finals this semester.
Wednesday – Chemistry
Thursday – Intro to Computing
Friday – Calculus
Saturday – Biology

I’m most worried about computing and calculus… Dead days will be powered by coffee. Coffee and running. However, at the end of finals, Alex is coming to ATX to stay for a bit and we have plans to go to the Austin Trail of Lights! :] yay! Not only that, but we are going to have fancy night ooooh la la. Haha!

So yesterday on my run, I went through the trails and it was beautiful!



Alright, I’m going to get ready to head to my party. Have a nice day!


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