No excuses.

Good morning! :]

I’ve had a pretty successful morning so far!

Breakfast: White chocolate macadamia nut Luna bar {SO GOOD} & coffee w/ Girl Scouts Caramel Delight creamer.

I followed this up with ~half a water bottle with about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in… I read all about the supposed health benefits it has, but IT IS SO GROSS. HOLY MOLEY. From what I’ve read, it seems to be acquired taste. But I have no urge to acquire that taste. No way. Uh uh. Groty. Sick nasty. Get it yet? ;]

Anyway, I let all of that digest and then I was ready for EXERCISE!

Thursdays are speed training days! 

Normally I would just do sprints or some sort of HIIT exercise for speed training, but last night I googled “speed training for runners” and plyometrics popped up. So today I mixed it up! 

From my mailbox to the stop sign back to my mailbox is ~0.22 miles. So, my work out looked like this

Jog to stop sign and back {from my mailbox}

Sprint to the stop sign & jog back to my mailbox [3x]

Sprint in the opposite direction {roughly the same distance,} jog to my neighbors mailbox, walk back to mine.

Overall, I ran about 1.19 miles. My avg pace was 9:01, but when sprinting, I was at about a 7:00 min/mile pace! :] #YAY I was a sweaty mess!


After that, I scrounged around in my garage to find stuff to jump over! Haha! The plyometric exercise I wanted to try was the jumps. Basically, you give it all you have to jump as high as you can above something. I think I placed my obstacles too far apart, but I also focused on getting as high as I could while doing tuck jumps. This workout was like this:

Jog to middle of the drive way. Jog up the drive way and tuck jump* over my four obstacles. Jog back to the middle of the driveway and go again [6x]. 

*Funny story, my last obstacle was a little high for my short legs, so I ended up turning it on its side. Even then, I was still worried about tripping over it and smashing my face in the pavement while I was home alone, so I just hurdled over it ever time! ;]



Such fancy obstacles, right? ;]

After all that fun, I picked up my mess, came inside, and ate a hard boiled egg {yeaaa for protein}, took a shower, and now I’m writing this!

In a little bit I am going to make lunch and then go test drive some cars! Yippekayay! I’m getting a new one! :] 

Have a wonderful day!


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