long time no see…

Hello ATX. How’s it hanging?

Yes I am back. I can’t believe that a month of winter break is already over!

It went by so incredibly fast!

However, I am pretty psyched for this semester. My classes all seem very interesting and my schedule rocks my socks.

It took a lot of coordination and maneuvering to get into the classes I needed, but after a few bouts of tears I got it all under control!


Since I’ve been back in Austin (as of 12:30 today), I have:

  • Unpacked and put away clothes.
  • Grocery shopped and put away said groceries.
  • Shipped some textbooks.
  • Vacuumed my room.
  • Done two loads of laundry (just bedding stuff.)
  • Did a quick workout.
  • Took a shower.
  • Relaxed.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on a nice long training run around the city. It’s been a while.

Before I headed to Magnolia for break, I decided to make it my goal to #RunMagnolia. Haha, I think I accomplished it. I ran all over the roads. Unlike Austin though, in Magnolia it takes 10 miles to run to the nearest Starbucks ;]

Over break I did tons of random workouts and ran ~55.51 miles.

I am very excited to get back to Gregory and long runs around Town Lake! :] Also, the Luke’s Locker by my apartment offers free yoga, workouts, core classes, and group runs! Holllaaa this month I am definitely going to take advantage of them! Especially because most of the workouts are at 6 a.m…. But this semester, I only have 8 a.m.s on Tuesdays and Fridays, so it shouldn’t be a problem!

I am also excited to get back to my normal {slightly revamped} diet. At home, there was so much food in the pantry and such variety! It was pretty hard not to eat it all… Haha

But now I’m back to my little shelf in the pantry and my cupboard, so it will be nice to restore that normalcy.

Okay, I’m a little tired of writing, so peace out!


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