Semester Success.

Hey hey hey

I’ve been awake since 5 a.m.


I’m about to head out on a long run, so wish me luck, but first I wanted to write this post.

Okay, so this past fall was my first semester of college.

It was really really hard on me. And I’m not really talking about the classes. For whatever reason, I had a hard time acclimating to college life. I didn’t really enjoy being a student… I liked the freedom and individuality that college brings, but I didn’t share the over-the-top freshman excitement that so many of my classmates did.

I think it was mostly because I missed home and it was hard for me to not see the people I loved every single day..

I’m pretty positive that running is what initially filled the void! Haha!

Anyway, I feel much much much more prepared for this semester!

I’ve got races to look forward to and I will always squeeze in time to come home :] and summer is just a few months away! 

I’m ready for sunshine and swimming and kayaking!

So for this semester I have a few goals…

1. Kick some serious academic booty.

– I am much more excited about my classes this semester. I’m only registered for 12 hours. Two chem classes, a bio course, and a literature class. [: I can handle that!

2. Meet new people. Make more friends.

– I am going to be completely honest. I made like 0 friends last semester. I LOVE meeting new people. However, I’ve always had serious difficulties making friends when there are already established friends groups. Living in an apartment off campus didn’t really help either. UGH. I have some tricks up my sleeves though. I already have quite a few things lined up to make new friends aaaaand network. Hollllaaaaa.

3. Feel better than ever.

– I want to start marathon training and triathlon training. ALSO, I am dedicated to eating better than ever this semester to be summer ready! ;] In all seriousness, there’s no such thing as a perfect bikini body. Want to wear a bikini? Put one on. 

4. Adventure.

– Again, I have a few ideas already. I’ve got to uphold my secret New Years Resolution after all! P.S. I’ll let you guys in on that secret… Eventually.


So that’s it! Moral support would be nice! Haha!


Peace out,




Here’s a picture from my very first sprint tri. May 2012.

Can you say cheesin’?! I was having so much fun!

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