Go me!


So today’s been pretty good!

I had an awesome breakfast again.



The picture is ugly but it was delicious! GrapeNuts with LOTS of blueberries and honey with fat-free milk!

Yeah, it rocked.

Then I headed to campus for a bio discussion and my first lit class. They were both pretty good!

Afterwards, I headed to Gregory for my run! On my way there, I ate this thing I bought from Whole Foods. Hahaha, it’s basically a Larabar! It’s pureed dates covered in coconut. It tastes really good, but it does look like dog poop in coconut! ;]

I planned to do 6 miles, but man oh man I am sore from yesterday! Instead, I ran a speedy 2.15 miles around campus, but I was very content! 😀

Finally, I got home and had lunch. A veggie patty smothered in hummus and a side salad with beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, and cucmber! And then an apple that I sat outside to enjoy in the sunshine. 


I did the dishes, started the dishwasher, laid down for a bit, got up to make iced coffee, and then did all most of my homework! I have two poems to read for my lit class, but that shouldn’t take long!

Tonight I am going to Luke’s Locker for one of their free group workouts! It’s called a Quality Workout and I have NO clue what to expect!

The summary from May 2013 said it would include speed training and hill training… So I’m guessing there will be running, but I would imagine there would be other workout stuff too… I had no idea.

Wish me luck though! I’m going to be pretty sore!

Haha! :]

Alright, now I’ve got to read those dang poems and then go buy more coffee beans and green tea!

See ya later!



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