Reasons to be happy today:

  • I woke up this morning.
  • My coffee was terrible, but it was still fun to use my french press again.
  • I only have one class today.
  • I have a run in the sun planned.
  • I had oatmeal for breakfast.
  • People love me.
  • The sun in shining.
  • I have flowers on my desk.
  • My hair was a wild mess this morning and it made me laugh.
  • I miss my best friend, but I always have a constant reminder on my finger. It makes me smile.
  • I get to go to school and actually study things that interest me this semester.
  • Erica is coming to ATX tomorrow!
  • I’m going to another Quality Workout tonight and I can’t wait to socialize.
  • This size medium shirt is way too big now.
  • I can move freely.
  • I can walk and talk and smile and breathe and run and jump and dance with joy.
  • I have a boyfriend that I drive absolutely crazy, but he still loves me.
  • My half marathon is in exactly a month from today.
  • Mumford & Sons is playing on my Spotify.
  • I have blueberries and blackberries and a mango in my fridge.
  • The sun is streaming through my open blinds right into my eyes. And I love it.
  • It’s January 16, 2014. 




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