going and going and going…

I’ve been chugging along lately!

As happy as can be and as busy as a bee!


So to go along with the randomness and craziness of my life lately, I will leave you with some random announcements and thoughts from yours truly!




I am so unbelievably ready for warm weather!

I have a job!

Juliana Nicolini: barista @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


I’ve been incorporating more strength training lately!

And I’m going to try and start running more.

Marathon training starts the week after my half marathon.

I am currently obsessed with All of You by John Legend ❤

Spaghetti squash is the bomb diggity.

Don’t forget your gloves when it’s 19 degrees outside.

Headaches are no fun.

Sleep > Staying up.

Peanut butter is life.

I’d go 100% paleo, but giving up PB?! Not a chance.

Biology is the coolest.

Soy lattes are always delicious. Always.

The Big Bang Theory is a sufficient way to procrastinate.

I’ve learned that I appreciate my parents more and more as I grow. {Love you guys!}

Making new friends is really really awesome. SO AWESOME!

You can do anything if you believe you can.

I want to do The Rookie Tri again this year.

My back is pretty sore today. Weird.

Oatmeal is such a good breakfast. 

Shoot, I just remembered that I’m out of bananas! :O

I looooove my car.

I wish I had a campus parking pass.

I’m tired. And it’s only 7…. #pitiful

I am a grandma. Well, in spirit.

Alex is coming to ATX on 2/13. I am so excited!

Writing letters >>>>>

Okay, I’m out of things to say… For now! 

Talk to you beautiful faces later!

Juliana ❤


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