Picture Crazy! Well, kind of…

Third post of the day?! What?!

Well, since this morning I’ve been practicing taking pictures! Hahaha :]

So here are a few more for you!



The post-run snack I was talking about! I ate half after my run and the other half once I got to school. It was SO yummy. There was more of a crunch than in a regular Larabar and that sort of bothered me at first, but it was so worth it because it really tasted like pumpkin pie! As I ate it I was craving a soy latte to go with. Mmmmm!


For some reason, the Larabar did NOT fill me up! Maybe because I’m not used to running in the morning, but for some reason I started to get RAVENOUSLY hungry! I kid you not. I was going to swim after my lit class, but I was so hungry I needed to eat ASAP. I didn’t have anymore snacks though so I just headed home. Upon arrival, I threw together a breakfast wrap! It had 2 scrambled eggs and 2 Jimmy Dean all-natural, hand made by yours truly, sausage patties and cheese and spinach. I inhaled it, people. I was still feeling hungry though. Like I said, I was ravenous. I gave it about 20 minutes before I accepted that the hunger was real. So this happened! What you’re looking at is 0% plain Chobani w/ a little PB, granola, and blueberries. YES YES YES. It was delicious…


It prompted me to mentally add granola to this list so I could eat it with the Chobani ahhahaha! I LOVE to grocery shop. It’s so fun and exciting! Anyway, as I started to get so hungry in lit, and soooo bored, I wrote my grocery list for this week! Yes, I got more Chobani and I bought Nature Plus granola that I’ve had before! Yummm probiotics!

That leads me to a question!

I understand that this blog is a random conglomerate of my thoughts and every day life…

BUT would anyone like to see more “what I ate” or grocery lists or training talk?!

Seeing as nutrition sparked my love for all things health and fitness, I wouldn’t mind doing that more often one bit! ;]

Let me know!



The Worm 2.0

Here’s a little update of this morning!

I ran 6.56 miles in the refreshing morning weather! :]

Now I’m snacking on half a Pumpkin Pie ALT Larabar {OH MY YES IT’S SO GOOD!}

Here’s some pictures!




Aaaand now I’m going to go catch the bus. I was going to ride my bike but I am still so frozen!

The Worm.

Good morning!

It’s currently 6:38.

My alarm is set for 7:30.

Yet, I’ve been up and at ’em since 5:55.


Well, last night I went to bed fighting a headache and this morning it won!

Lucky for me, it was nothing breakfast and coffee couldn’t fix! ;]


And you know what they say… “The early bird gets the worm!”

Breakfast was: Grapenuts with blueberries, half a banana, cinnamon, and 1% milk.

{Grapenuts look and feel like little rocks, but trust me, if you let them soak in the milk for long enough first… Mmmmm!}

Then I had a homebrewed cup of hot coffee! Lately I’ve been drinking my coffee iced or I’ve only had the time to drink half my hot coffee. But since I have SO much extra time this morning, I was able to completely savor it!

And since working in a coffee shop, I’ve gotten pretty sick of lattes and so many sorts of teas, so it was nice to have my basic black coffee this morning!

Anyway, today is a fairly easy day!

The hardest part of my week is over! HALLELUJAH! It happened to coincide with Hump Day!

Earlier this week, I had: a biology test, Lab #3, & Lab #2 report due. It may not seem like a ton, but those labs can be so time consuming!

Nonetheless, the hardest part of the week is now over :]

Today all I have planned is to go to my one class of the day, swim and run at the gym, and work! Yippeee!

I’m actually considering going on a run in about 20 minutes! Probably something short but sweet like a 5K.

Although, I just looked out my window to see FROST on the ground! What the heck?! On Sunday I was wearing a strapless dress and was studying by the poooool.


Oh well. I know that when summer really gets here, I will be begging for it to be cool again! Hahaha

I wish I had more pictures! I’m just not very good at taking them!

This weekend I have a 14 mile long run planned. HUZZAH! I’m kind of terrified, but insanely excited too!

Have a nice day!



A Thousand Words

To be honest, I am in no mood to write! haha the sun may be going down but it’s still so warm outside so I want to just relax! However, I will leave you with some pictures from today… A picture is worth a thousand words right? ;]



{Pre 7 mile run selfie} I purposefully got myself lost and I discovered a really awesome trail loop!


{Reasons I am not paleo}


{My Whole Foods “haul”} Raw almond butter, local non-GMO hummus, coffee ice cream, all natural humanely raised chicken breasts, and Seeduction bread


{Studying for my bio test by the pool}

That’s pretty much it!

I’m wearing a comfy, blue sundress!

And I feel so tan and strong and healthy and great!

How are you?



my wardrobe makes me smile!

:] good morning!

I fell asleep at 8:30 last night and woke up at 5:45 this morning! Whooo my body needed to rest! As I was riding home from campus last night after a Women in Medicine meeting, I hit a wall. I had a slight headache and all I wanted was a hot shower and to go to sleep. Seriously it took every ounce of self motivation to get myself home and not just pull over and chill by Town Lake for a while… And that would’ve been so sketch because it was dark!

Anyway, now I am awake and refreshed and ready to tackle today! I’ve already eaten breakfast and caffeinated, so the rest of my day looks like this:

> Ride to school.

> American Lit.

> Ride home.

> Lunch!

> Hopefully a 10K run in the sun!

> Showerrrrr.


> Homework! 

I got this! ;]

Yesterday was a pretty solid training day! I rode to school, swam 500 consecutive yards, did very light strength training for abs and arms, rode home, then ended up riding back and forth from campus later for the WIM meeting!

I LOVE TRAINING. However, I do not like that I practically had two dinners yesterday because of how much my stomach was growling at me for food. Intense training = intense hunger. But at least they’re clean eats!

ANYWAY, onto my title of this post!

As I was getting ready today {because I was up two hours before my alarm}, I laughed at my wardrobe!

It’s set up like this:

Jackets – t-shirts – 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of couldroy pants – a pair of white shorts

Then you move to the ground and you’ll find:

7 pairs of tennis shoes – 2 pairs of sandals – 1 pair of riding boots – 1 pair of fuzzy boots – 2 pairs of heels

Once you go to my dressers, you’ll find:

undergarments – NIKE SHORTS – running accessories – tech shirts – leggings & sweatpants


People, I don’t really own blouses… 

In the summer, you will almost always find me in tennis shoes, running shorts, and a t-shirt! ;]

So, with the weather warming up, I bet you can take a stab at what I am wearing today…



And I am really reppin’ the burnt orange today! \m/

{Thanks for the shorts, Alex!}

If you know me, you aren’t surprised whatsoever… However, if you don’t know me personally, you’d probably be shocked when I say that I could wear this ensemble almost EV-ER-Y-DAY.

I think my wardrobe and “fashion” sense fits my personality to a T!

What does your wardrobe look like?!

Let me know!



P.S. I almost forgot to tell you the best part about these shorts… THEY’RE TEXAS FLAG SHORTS! :]



Oh my goodness… Please excuse the derp face… HAHAHAHAHA 


» The sun is shining.

» The birds are chirping.

» It’s 81 degrees outside.

» My hair reeks of chlorine.

» My legs ache from pedaling.

» I’m a tad sweaty.

» I’ve refilled my bottle with icy water countless times today.

{Spring} is coming.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Gooooood morning, America!

Hey hey hey!

I’m writing this as I drink my iced coffee before I ride to school today! :]

Today is such a great day already and here’s why:

For breakfast I had: 2 toaster waffles {1 GF, 1 whole wheat} w/ 1/2 mashed banana, PB, pumpkin, honey, cinnamon, and chia!

I am drinking my coffee ICED because the weather is warming up!

I only have class from 9-11 today because I finished my lab on Monday!

SO that means that after chem, I’m headed to the gym! :]

I went out to the back porch to check the temperature and there were three dear running around in the field! ❤ And the birds were chirping!


I love Spring!

I bought mosquito repellent and sunscreen yesterday in celebration! Hahaha :]

Yippeykayay! Today is already great and it’s only 7:23! I plan on just making today get better and better,

I hope all of you are enjoying this warmer weather! {Well, if you live in TEXAS at least!}

Have an amazing day! ❤





A Belated Valentine…

Heads up, this post may be ALL over the place. I’m just so happy and there’s so much to share, so it might get a bit jumbled… I’ll do my best to go in order!

This weekend I headed back to Magnolia to visit and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Alex! If you regularly read my blog, you know that Alex was supposed to come to Austin, but eh life happens. As always, I had a good time! I never thought I’d really care about going back to my home town, but I really love it. Of course, the people I go back to are the biggest factor, but there’s also something so sweet about escaping the busyness that is Austin.

Alex and I saw the Lego movie and it was hilarious. Alex had already seen it, but I hadn’t and I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was!

He got me a giant bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day :] They are now sitting on my desk!

Saturday morning I woke up and headed back to Austin. I had work! But first, I met with my dad, Erica, Sabrina, and Luke at Whole Foods for lunch and then we went to the half marathon expo! Did you forget?! My half marathon was yesterday, but I’m getting there… ;]

I had a closing shift on Saturday, but I already had all my gear packed for the next morning. So as soon as I got home, I took a hot shower and got in bed and passed out!

5 a.m. on Sunday morning my alarm went off. At first, I was wondering why I had set an alarm and almost turned it off! But then I remembered about my race and hopped out of bed!

I downed a bowl of oatmeal w/ PB, 1/2 banana, blueberries, cinnamon, flax & chia seeds, and a cup of coffee. Then I headed to my dad’s hotel to meet him and Erica!

For my race, I wanted to run it in 2:15. Sub 2:15 would be the best, but I would just be happy somewhere around 2:15. Well, at the expo {I had to leave early for work} my family had picked me up a tattoo with mile splits on it for a 2:10 half marathon.

Once I had the tattoo on, I decided to attempt it. Why not? Worse comes to worst, I slow down and go for the 2:15.

Well, during the race, my body had other plans. I finished my race in 2:05. WITH ALL THE HILLS IN IT TOO.

I nearly cried when I crossed the line.

I love to run.

Every moment I felt tired or weak or hurting, I digged deeper and pushed harder.

So that leads me to my belated valentine…

My body.

Every morning I wake up and stand in front of the mirror and scrutinize my body. Sometimes I think “yay, I’m not so bloated today” and other days I feel like a whale.

But none of that matters. Because you are always stronger than you think you are. Always.

My avg pace for the entire half was 9:33. Never ever would I have dreamed of doing that, but my body had the confidence that my mind did not.


To be honest, while running, my mind was almost completely blank. I was just so in tune with my body and how strong I felt that I just couldn’t think of anything else.

Thank you, body. For always being there for me. Whether it means sprinting a half marathon, holding two minute planks, or doing push ups until I can’t. You’re the best. And I’m sorry for any hurtful words or thoughts I have hurled at you. You are so undeserving of that.

You have freaking awesome calf muscles and quads and abs that are slowly starting to show. Your biceps actually pop out when you flex hard enough! ;] So thank you. I love you.

I strongly believe that if you have faith in yourself, you can accomplish anything. And by anything, I mean anything.

So try it for yourself.

Love and believe in yourself.



Any idea?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to resist going on a run right now?
It may be dangerous but I have so much emotional energy to burn.
Running is my escape. My stress reliever. My love. And no matter what happens for the rest of this crappy week, I get to run 13.1 miles on Sunday. With just the music in my ears and my thoughts. At least I have that.

Weekend Things.

I’ve had an incredibly bad day.

I’m just going to leave it at that and listen to Ellie Goulding and deal with it myself.

However, I will give you a wrap up of my weekend:


visited some of my old debate team at their UIL prep tournament.

cooked a delicious, healthy lunch with mi padre.

cheered on my beautiful best friend at her last dance competition.


indulged in Chili’s with Blake before the movies.

laughed at the cuteness and funniness that is Frozen {Olaf may be my favorite!}

slept not nearly enough!

fueled with bananas and PB.

ran/limped nine miles with Erica! {We were having an off day…}


attempted to shop at the mall with my dad and Erica.

relaxed before I had to head back to ATX.

And then somehow managed to make everything fall to crap in a very short window of time and things haven’t felt great since at all. ]:

Nonetheless, I hope everyone else had a good weekend. And hopefully a better Monday than I did…

Here’s to hoping for a terrific Tuesday.



I’m doing my best, Jack Kerouac. But life is a lot like running. The hills suck, but getting past them will put a huge smile on your face.