my wardrobe makes me smile!

:] good morning!

I fell asleep at 8:30 last night and woke up at 5:45 this morning! Whooo my body needed to rest! As I was riding home from campus last night after a Women in Medicine meeting, I hit a wall. I had a slight headache and all I wanted was a hot shower and to go to sleep. Seriously it took every ounce of self motivation to get myself home and not just pull over and chill by Town Lake for a while… And that would’ve been so sketch because it was dark!

Anyway, now I am awake and refreshed and ready to tackle today! I’ve already eaten breakfast and caffeinated, so the rest of my day looks like this:

> Ride to school.

> American Lit.

> Ride home.

> Lunch!

> Hopefully a 10K run in the sun!

> Showerrrrr.


> Homework! 

I got this! ;]

Yesterday was a pretty solid training day! I rode to school, swam 500 consecutive yards, did very light strength training for abs and arms, rode home, then ended up riding back and forth from campus later for the WIM meeting!

I LOVE TRAINING. However, I do not like that I practically had two dinners yesterday because of how much my stomach was growling at me for food. Intense training = intense hunger. But at least they’re clean eats!

ANYWAY, onto my title of this post!

As I was getting ready today {because I was up two hours before my alarm}, I laughed at my wardrobe!

It’s set up like this:

Jackets – t-shirts – 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of couldroy pants – a pair of white shorts

Then you move to the ground and you’ll find:

7 pairs of tennis shoes – 2 pairs of sandals – 1 pair of riding boots – 1 pair of fuzzy boots – 2 pairs of heels

Once you go to my dressers, you’ll find:

undergarments – NIKE SHORTS – running accessories – tech shirts – leggings & sweatpants


People, I don’t really own blouses… 

In the summer, you will almost always find me in tennis shoes, running shorts, and a t-shirt! ;]

So, with the weather warming up, I bet you can take a stab at what I am wearing today…



And I am really reppin’ the burnt orange today! \m/

{Thanks for the shorts, Alex!}

If you know me, you aren’t surprised whatsoever… However, if you don’t know me personally, you’d probably be shocked when I say that I could wear this ensemble almost EV-ER-Y-DAY.

I think my wardrobe and “fashion” sense fits my personality to a T!

What does your wardrobe look like?!

Let me know!



P.S. I almost forgot to tell you the best part about these shorts… THEY’RE TEXAS FLAG SHORTS! :]



Oh my goodness… Please excuse the derp face… HAHAHAHAHA 

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