Picture Crazy! Well, kind of…

Third post of the day?! What?!

Well, since this morning I’ve been practicing taking pictures! Hahaha :]

So here are a few more for you!



The post-run snack I was talking about! I ate half after my run and the other half once I got to school. It was SO yummy. There was more of a crunch than in a regular Larabar and that sort of bothered me at first, but it was so worth it because it really tasted like pumpkin pie! As I ate it I was craving a soy latte to go with. Mmmmm!


For some reason, the Larabar did NOT fill me up! Maybe because I’m not used to running in the morning, but for some reason I started to get RAVENOUSLY hungry! I kid you not. I was going to swim after my lit class, but I was so hungry I needed to eat ASAP. I didn’t have anymore snacks though so I just headed home. Upon arrival, I threw together a breakfast wrap! It had 2 scrambled eggs and 2 Jimmy Dean all-natural, hand made by yours truly, sausage patties and cheese and spinach. I inhaled it, people. I was still feeling hungry though. Like I said, I was ravenous. I gave it about 20 minutes before I accepted that the hunger was real. So this happened! What you’re looking at is 0% plain Chobani w/ a little PB, granola, and blueberries. YES YES YES. It was delicious…


It prompted me to mentally add granola to this list so I could eat it with the Chobani ahhahaha! I LOVE to grocery shop. It’s so fun and exciting! Anyway, as I started to get so hungry in lit, and soooo bored, I wrote my grocery list for this week! Yes, I got more Chobani and I bought Nature Plus granola that I’ve had before! Yummm probiotics!

That leads me to a question!

I understand that this blog is a random conglomerate of my thoughts and every day life…

BUT would anyone like to see more “what I ate” or grocery lists or training talk?!

Seeing as nutrition sparked my love for all things health and fitness, I wouldn’t mind doing that more often one bit! ;]

Let me know!



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