The Worm.

Good morning!

It’s currently 6:38.

My alarm is set for 7:30.

Yet, I’ve been up and at ’em since 5:55.


Well, last night I went to bed fighting a headache and this morning it won!

Lucky for me, it was nothing breakfast and coffee couldn’t fix! ;]


And you know what they say… “The early bird gets the worm!”

Breakfast was: Grapenuts with blueberries, half a banana, cinnamon, and 1% milk.

{Grapenuts look and feel like little rocks, but trust me, if you let them soak in the milk for long enough first… Mmmmm!}

Then I had a homebrewed cup of hot coffee! Lately I’ve been drinking my coffee iced or I’ve only had the time to drink half my hot coffee. But since I have SO much extra time this morning, I was able to completely savor it!

And since working in a coffee shop, I’ve gotten pretty sick of lattes and so many sorts of teas, so it was nice to have my basic black coffee this morning!

Anyway, today is a fairly easy day!

The hardest part of my week is over! HALLELUJAH! It happened to coincide with Hump Day!

Earlier this week, I had: a biology test, Lab #3, & Lab #2 report due. It may not seem like a ton, but those labs can be so time consuming!

Nonetheless, the hardest part of the week is now over :]

Today all I have planned is to go to my one class of the day, swim and run at the gym, and work! Yippeee!

I’m actually considering going on a run in about 20 minutes! Probably something short but sweet like a 5K.

Although, I just looked out my window to see FROST on the ground! What the heck?! On Sunday I was wearing a strapless dress and was studying by the poooool.


Oh well. I know that when summer really gets here, I will be begging for it to be cool again! Hahaha

I wish I had more pictures! I’m just not very good at taking them!

This weekend I have a 14 mile long run planned. HUZZAH! I’m kind of terrified, but insanely excited too!

Have a nice day!



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