Today I had the best day ever. Without a doubt!

I’ll take you through it, frame by frame!


I woke up bright & early (6 a.m.) to head to Bastrop State Park for my long run on the trails! I can;t complain though. This was my view on the drive.


Once, I got there I immediately began running! On the actual trails! It was SO MUCH FUN! mean, I love to run, but this was incredibly fun for me! 🙂 I was aiming for 17 miles, but trails are much more challenging to run on, so I ended at 13.1 miles. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. It was incredible!


Afterwards, I quickly stretched and had a mini refuel picnic at the park before I left! 


Oh, I also tried out my new handheld Camelbak bottle! It was perfect! But more on that later.

As I was headed home, Sabrina invited me to go rock climbing. The endorphins were still flowing so I said heck yeah! Right before she picked me up I got super tired though. I fixed that with a ginormous ball jar of iced coffee.

We went to the Greenbelt! It was Mathew, Sabrina, their friend Josh, and myself! Crazy fun!



I tend to cling to the rock (even though I wouldn’t actually fall) so I get a bit sliced up and bruised! I even left a blood mark close to where my knee was in that picture!


After rock climbing, Sabrina, Mathew, and myself made dinner! There was grilled chicken, sausage, asparagus, and vegetables on a stick! 😀 Oh, and don’t forget these awesome bad boys…


{with salsa}


For dessert, we had watermelon. All enjoyed outside as the sun was setting in the warm beautiful Spring weather!

Once I got home, I finally took a shower and now I;m writing all this! 

It was seriously an amazing day. SO SO SO AMAZING! 

Now I should go to sleep soon! My body is tired and I have work in the morning!

Have a wonderful Sunday!




My Relationship.

It’s about time I told the truth about my relationship…

With apples.

So for the longest time, I hated apples!

When I moved to Austin, I started to like gala apples but that was it! I don’t like green or dark red apples because they’re either too sour or too bitter.

Well, the other day on campus, I bought a yellow apple called a golden delicious. And guess what? T’was delicious.
When I went grocery shopping, I bought one along with my normal gala apples.

As I was eating it today, I did some googling to discover that gala apples are actually a hybrid from a cross of golden delicious and something else that no one cares about! CRAZY STUFF!

This is what I do in my free time. Yeah, total nerd.


March Madness

No, not basketball. All I know about that is that everyone seems to be upset with Duke! 😉

Sometimes when I listen to music, I imagine that the song would be in a montage if someone made a movie of my life! Haha, weird? Maybe.

I was listening to Joy x Ellie Goulding as I was walking and I was reflecting on how crazy March has been. Most definitely the craziest month of my life. In both really good and bad ways.

March has been the most emotionally tolling and empowering month of my life.

March has been the most painful and freeing month of my life.

This March has taught me who I am, what’s truly important, and what I want to do with my life.

March has been full of tears and smiles. Tears of sadness, tears of pride. March has been full of personal bests in running and my personal worst I’ve ever felt.

March may not be over yet, but let me tell you something: I have survived. And I’ve grown.

To be honest, I was always afraid that I was secretly a weak-minded person but refused to acknowledge it.

This month has shown me that I was WRONG.

I’m Juliana Nicolini. And that’s awesome.

I’m an aspiring ultra marathoner, triathlete, sports dietician, do-gooder. And no one can change that.

So good luck trying.

I’ll be happy to move onto April in a few days, but I’ll never forget the events of March and what they did to me.


I just got the most random, most intense craving for snickerdoodles. I don’t even really recall liking snickerdoodles, but I want them.

Anyway, I’m here to update you on my training! But that seemed a bit boring, so I’ve decided to make it into a list!

Kind of like a “you know you’re training when…” But really it’s just a list of random random things that I’ve experienced or thought about..

1. The post-run feeling is 25% endorphins and 75% exhaustion.
2. The post-run hunger hits you almost a full 24 hours later!
3. Setting a PDR in the pool makes you so proud! {1100 yards!}
4. Carbs become your best friend.
5. You actually are starting to need more carbs than you can keep up with! {I thought I was the carb queen!}
6. You become well acquainted with the dreaded “wall” when you’re setting PDRs on every Sunday run.
7. People ask if you’ve been going to the lake when really the tan is from running outside.
8. Tart cherry juice is actually quite tasty.
9. Ice baths aren’t as bad as everyone says!
10. Not even 9 hours of sleep is enough.
11. Discovering your food is missing is enough to make anyone angry, but it’s multiplied by ten when I’m already hangry from working out.
12. My pants for work are loose in the hips and tight in the thighs.
13. You’re worried about split ends since showers are being taken so often.
14. You know your legs are tired when going uphill on the lowest gear feels impossible.
15. Pre-workout snacks are a must!

Okay that’s it! Hahaha

P.S. I would run/bike/swim five times faster than my normal pace if this stud muffin was waiting for me at the finish line! 😉


Photo Dump: March Edition.

Sorry I’ve been MIA! With school starting up again after Spring Break, I’ve been busy! School, work, training, and living life keeps me busy and happy 🙂

So instead of typing out a long catch up post, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the last week or so! You’ll understand why I’m too lazy to type at the end… Hahaha

I’ve been running…


Taking ridiculous selfies…


Attempting to take pictures with a 4 year old…


More ridiculous pictures…


RUNNING 16 MILES! Painful painful painful…


Stopping at 11 miles to ask a guy to take these pictures for me… 🙂 I



Taking an ice bath for said painful run… That happened today!


So that’s it! Make sense why I’m a bit tired to write out a post?! Hahaha.

Juliana >

Harshing my buzz!

I woke up with a sore throat and thought it would go away after five minutes…



I’ve whined and complained about it all day.


But people… I never get sick! I blame allergies… Yeah, dumb allergies.

I’ve taken DayQuil. I’ve popped Halls like candy. I’ve had yucky tea. What the heck man?!

Right now, all I want is some wonton soup… Feel free to send some my way! 😉

I crave salty things when I am sick, but I assure you I am not dehyrdrated!

Ugh ugh ugh, I have  busy week ahead of me! I do not have time for a hitch in my giddy up!

Nonetheless, I’ve had a wonderful Monday and I hope you have too!

Here’s to hoping this thing is gone when I wake up tomorrow!



P.S. I think I figured out what I want to do with my life today. It’s not what I had thought. Stay tuned.


Bread & Water


Hola! Como estan?! {Estan because pretend I’m using y’all} 😉

I hope that everyone has the best Monday ever!

I know I’m going to.

Want to know why?

Because I am on a mission. A mission to make every single day the best day ever!

And nothing is going to hold me back!

It’s all about your mindset and your effort!

Have a beautiful, healthy, happy Monday!


In the beginning…

My healthy lifestyle is not even a year old. I’m not 100% sure of the actual date I decided to make the switch, but I’m going to go with somewhere in mid June 2013.

I’ve learned a lot since then and I’ve changed the way I eat and treat my body with the information I pick up on.

For example, I’m a firm believer that your body craves what it needs (to an extent, of course.) Last week, I unintentionally carboloaded because I was out of town and carby foods are typically the cheapest and most convenient. I kicked myself for it at the time, but that weekend I went on my 15 mile long run. Never hit the wall once. I had blueberries in my baby fanny pack and I didn’t need to touch them once. Heck to the yeah.

So today, I finally caved and made muffins. I had been wanting to make muffins to stash in my freezer, but I was too lazy until today. The muffins are fairly random but yummy. They are made with whole wheat, egg, milk, Greek yogurt, brown sugar, carrots, raisins, and nuts. As soon as they came out of the oven, I ate one. And then another. And then a third. An hour later, I are a fourth.

Along with a small cup of cereal with milk.

Um, what? The weirdest part was my stomach still didn’t feel truly satisfied. I didn’t get that urgh I’m full feeling.

I’m going to assume my body was in need of carbs and calcium. I know it wasn’t just a sugar craving, because I have 72% and 85% dark chocolate in my closet! Instead, my body chose to crave the wholesome muffins. No regrets.

This morning I ran 3.14 miles (hey it’s pi day!) at an 8:50 pace. That is insanely fast for me! Later, I ran the three stories of stairs by my apartment 5x. It wasn’t a whole lot of work to be craving carbs so badly, but my body knows what it needs better than I do.

Funny huh?

Anyway, back to the point. I initially started to eat healthy because I wanted to have bulging quads. No joke. That was my initial goal. I admire muscular legs more than anything else and that’s what I wanted.

Slowly but surely, that goal morphed into simply losing weight. I wasn’t counting calories, but i was very careful about what I ate. My only extra snack during the day was a pre workout snack.

Again, the goal morphed into losing weight and being muscular. So in order to do that, I started to ditch the pre workout snack. People, that is so dumb.

Thank the heavens, my goal shifted again to what it is now. Getting stronger every single day. I think what finally made that my goal was absolutely falling in love with running. And I haven’t looked back.

Now, I know to appreciate my body and everything it asks for. I’ve gained weight since officially realizing this goal, but I know it is from muscle.

To me, getting stronger and healthier is waaaaay better than just focusing on being skinny. I’ve developed physical and mental strength because of it.

I have one spectacular half marathon under my belt and now I’m so ready for more.

Rookie Tri -> Oilman Tri -> Ironman
Half marathon -> Marathon -> Ultra

You better believe it!

I know this post is pretty lengthy, but I felt the need to write this all out.

I dream of being an inspiration to many, because I know how inspiring some women for me (especially reading their blogs!)

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and healthy day!



This is going to be extremely random. I’m warning you now.

So I’m sitting in Thunderbird Coffee (a stone throw from Sabrina & Mathew’s house!) and the music is putting me in an odd thoughtful trance, so here goes…

1st: I’m homeless now. To me, home is not necessarily a place. Home is just something that makes you feel so safe and secure and comfortable. Home can be a place but it can also be an activity or a person that you take comfort in. Well, my home is no longer. I don’t consider running my home because it’s more like my vacation haha! Anyway, as I realized this yesterday, I began to feel so sad. But then I remembered, I’ve always wanted to be a vagabond. I’ve always known that I have wanderlust in my bones. Now I’m free to act on it.

2nd: My first college spring break has been anything but wild. Yesterday I felt so bored and lazy and it was KILLING me. However, I then realized that it was my chance to enjoy me time and just relax. So that’s what I did. I’ve also gotten ~10 hours of sleep for both of the past nights which is unheard of for me! yay for catching up on sleep!

3rd: Happy Pi Day! Today I ran a very fast 3.14 miles in celebration! As I was running, I thought about the Rookie Tri that I’m signed up for in the beginning of May and I got so insanely excited. I love feeling my body get stronger and stronger everyday. It’s the one thing that I get to be in control of.

4th: Bluebonnets are slowly but surely popping up 🙂 if you know me, you know I love flowers! So you can imagine the giant smile that pops onto my face every time I see one!

5th: Iced coffee makes me weirdly hungry. Good thing I brought a Pumpkin Pie ALT larabar!

6th: I’ve decided to plan a freaking awesome summer trip. Where and when? Yo no se. But it will be amazing.

Ryan Gosling just gets me. 😉

Anything random you’d like to share?