Ramble rambly.

I have many random things to tell you.
Some have a common theme. Some do not.
Let’s do this.

1. Today while I was waiting at the bus stop (I was too cold and lazy for my bike) I saw this perfectly good cookie on the ground. ): it even looked like chocolate chip. Sorry cookie.


2. Because it was muy frio (well not really) and I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, I brought my cafe to school.


3. Today I had a swim workout planned. I wanted to do 1000 yards, but I was hungraaaayy. I ended up doing 500. 300 yards casual and comfortable. 100 yards sprint with just my arms. 100 yard cool down. I am a little tanner because the sun was out!

4. Today I went University Health Services for some junk and while I was there I got weighed on a scale. I’ve decided not to weigh myself daily or weekly or ever! I like to base it off of how I feel in my clothes and more importantly, in my own skin. Well, I was up 5 pounds since the last time I weighed myself (early December.) but you know what? I felt ridiculously happy when I saw the number. Want to know why? Because I have felt better than ever in my body lately. And I KNOW that those pounds are muscle. My ever increasing number of push ups and running pace tells me that :]

5. Another confidence booster: Today at work, a usual came in for her iced coffee. We chatted about running and exercising and overall health. She asked if I had been in cross country and track throughout high school. I told her no. She asked “well what sport? You were obviously an athlete.” Again I told her no. She stared at me and said “you are an athlete though! Your whole body is athletic!” I almost died of happiness. I then told her that for all of high school I was technically overweight. It was an awesome, freeing moment.

6. Tomorrow I have work in the morning and then I am cranking out 14 miles with my own two legs. Heck to the yeah.

7. I went to whole foods today and bought more stuff… Hahaha so dinner turned out to be a slice of Seeduction bread, unsweetened banana chips, and almond butter. I didn’t have time to go home before work so I just snacked on what I bought!

8. Well that wasn’t a very substantial dinner. About 20 minutes ago I decided that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my stomach rumbling so much. I headed to the kitchen, ate three slices of turkey, some flax tortilla chips, and a hard boiled egg. It hit the spot. And was jam packed with protein.

9. But now my stomach hurts :[

10. My mom is having surgery tomorrow morning (nothing major, so I’ve been told) so keep her in your thoughts!

Later lovelies,

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