Photo Dump: March Edition.

Sorry I’ve been MIA! With school starting up again after Spring Break, I’ve been busy! School, work, training, and living life keeps me busy and happy 🙂

So instead of typing out a long catch up post, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the last week or so! You’ll understand why I’m too lazy to type at the end… Hahaha

I’ve been running…


Taking ridiculous selfies…


Attempting to take pictures with a 4 year old…


More ridiculous pictures…


RUNNING 16 MILES! Painful painful painful…


Stopping at 11 miles to ask a guy to take these pictures for me… 🙂 I



Taking an ice bath for said painful run… That happened today!


So that’s it! Make sense why I’m a bit tired to write out a post?! Hahaha.

Juliana >

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