March Madness

No, not basketball. All I know about that is that everyone seems to be upset with Duke! 😉

Sometimes when I listen to music, I imagine that the song would be in a montage if someone made a movie of my life! Haha, weird? Maybe.

I was listening to Joy x Ellie Goulding as I was walking and I was reflecting on how crazy March has been. Most definitely the craziest month of my life. In both really good and bad ways.

March has been the most emotionally tolling and empowering month of my life.

March has been the most painful and freeing month of my life.

This March has taught me who I am, what’s truly important, and what I want to do with my life.

March has been full of tears and smiles. Tears of sadness, tears of pride. March has been full of personal bests in running and my personal worst I’ve ever felt.

March may not be over yet, but let me tell you something: I have survived. And I’ve grown.

To be honest, I was always afraid that I was secretly a weak-minded person but refused to acknowledge it.

This month has shown me that I was WRONG.

I’m Juliana Nicolini. And that’s awesome.

I’m an aspiring ultra marathoner, triathlete, sports dietician, do-gooder. And no one can change that.

So good luck trying.

I’ll be happy to move onto April in a few days, but I’ll never forget the events of March and what they did to me.

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