Today I had the best day ever. Without a doubt!

I’ll take you through it, frame by frame!


I woke up bright & early (6 a.m.) to head to Bastrop State Park for my long run on the trails! I can;t complain though. This was my view on the drive.


Once, I got there I immediately began running! On the actual trails! It was SO MUCH FUN! mean, I love to run, but this was incredibly fun for me! 🙂 I was aiming for 17 miles, but trails are much more challenging to run on, so I ended at 13.1 miles. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. It was incredible!


Afterwards, I quickly stretched and had a mini refuel picnic at the park before I left! 


Oh, I also tried out my new handheld Camelbak bottle! It was perfect! But more on that later.

As I was headed home, Sabrina invited me to go rock climbing. The endorphins were still flowing so I said heck yeah! Right before she picked me up I got super tired though. I fixed that with a ginormous ball jar of iced coffee.

We went to the Greenbelt! It was Mathew, Sabrina, their friend Josh, and myself! Crazy fun!



I tend to cling to the rock (even though I wouldn’t actually fall) so I get a bit sliced up and bruised! I even left a blood mark close to where my knee was in that picture!


After rock climbing, Sabrina, Mathew, and myself made dinner! There was grilled chicken, sausage, asparagus, and vegetables on a stick! 😀 Oh, and don’t forget these awesome bad boys…


{with salsa}


For dessert, we had watermelon. All enjoyed outside as the sun was setting in the warm beautiful Spring weather!

Once I got home, I finally took a shower and now I;m writing all this! 

It was seriously an amazing day. SO SO SO AMAZING! 

Now I should go to sleep soon! My body is tired and I have work in the morning!

Have a wonderful Sunday!




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