My Fav Foods: Because You Need to Know.

As I’m killing time before my run (letting my lunch digest), I mentally attempted to formulate a Top 10 Favorite Foods list… I completely failed. If you read my twitter, you’ll see me professing my love for random foods on a pretty daily basis!

What can I say? I love all foods. All foods are bae. Yes, BAE. As a runner and nutrition major, food is almost constantly on my mind. And I’m hungry a lot. And I eat a lot more than people expect. Also, I have a bad habit of inhaling my food sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying every single piece! 😉

HAHAHA, but without further adieu, here’s a list of the foods that popped into my head when trying to make the Top 10 list:

AKA: Foods typically on my grocery list:
Nut butters
Whole wheat bagels (UNTOASTED)
English muffins
Bread of any kind
Greek yogurt
Olive oil and vinegar
Strawberry jam
Brussel sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Frozen waffles
Raw nuts
Frozen pineapple chunks
Dried apricots
Honey Nut Cheerios
Tuna in a can (yes. I’m weird.)

Now let’s enter the less often, less healthy yet equally as delicious section of the list:
Frozen yogurt
Pita chips
Pizza pizza pizza (but it depends on the quality of the crust)
These freaking delicious gluten free muffins we sell at work
Ice cream
Really cheesy things. Any cheesy thing.
Hamburgers and French fries.
Practically any kind of fruit or nut pie
Chick fila
Whataburger chicken strips with BBQ sauce
Chipotle burrito bowl with a buttload of the tortilla chips and GUAC

Yes. What does your list look like?

Also, I am more than 100% sure that I left out a ton of delicious things on accident. Not to worry, they still hold a special place in my heart.

Now I’m hungry again. 😉

Oh and here’s a picture of my staring into your soul. Okay byeeeee


Be Bold

Be fearless loving kind soft tough emotional powerful strong weak unstoppable smart thoughtful thought-provoking mysterious up-front giving free tame wild amazed amazing joyful serious optimistic realistic weightless.

Be anything you can as long as it’s you.

Fall 2014: The Semester Juliana’s Brain Exploded

Good morning!
I’m currently sitting outside my 8 a.m. attempting to will the caffeine in my system to actually wake me up. Hahahaha! Actually, I saved this as a draft and now I’m killing time before I clock into work for my 8.5 hour shift! :O

Only one more week of class and then finals. I have two final tests and a final essay, but I’m not too worried! I’m ready for Dead Days so that I can truly get in the study zone.

I am beyond ready for summer and freedom and fun.
However, just a couple days ago I registered for my fall semester.

6 classes for 16 hours + the class I’m an UGLA for. it’s going to be a busy semester. But I’m pumped!

Here are my classes:

Biochemical, physiological, and cellular functions of energy macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the scientific basis for current dietary and nutrient recommendations. Designed for science majors.

Basic principles of Mendelism, molecular genetics, structure and function of genes and chromosomes, populations and evolution.

Essential food components and their functions in life processes.

Primarily for premedical, predental, life sciences, and pharmacy majors. Development of organic chemical structure, nomenclature, and reactivity.

Collection and evaluation of dietary intake data, nutrient composition of food, and survey of dietetic practice.

The nature of human societies, social processes, social interaction, and the sociological approach.

+the UGS course that I’m an assistant for! I’m required to attend, but I didn’t have to register for it!

Aaaahhhh wish me luck! 🙂
Science science science science! Haha I think my brain will be stuffed by next Christmas!

I’m beyond pleased that I’m done with math though! 😉

Are you in school?
What’s your major?
And what’s your schedule like?

If you’re not in school, any tips to help me survive! 😀
On the plus side, I think I’ve got studying down now!



“At Home”

{It is so very simple To allow one’s self to drift away For the eyes to glaze over For the hands to weaken For the feet to bruise For the back to curve The difficulty lies in the resistance The abnormal acknowledgement of the absolute necessity of action The self does not wear a collar […]

I Never Thought

True story, for a while I thought I’d never say this again, but…

I’m so in love.
Like completely head over heels in love.
With every single fiber of my being.
All I can think about.
With every single breath.
I want to write cheesy poetry.
Yeah, that kind of love.

I love my life so much. So much more than I’ve ever loved anything else. So much more than I ever thought was possible.

What can I say?
My life has been full of ups and down, trials and tribulations, rewards and pay offs.
I’ve met some of the most amazing people in the past month of my life.
People that have already helped morph me into who I am at this exact moment.
And I honestly couldn’t be happier.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Love yourself. Love your life. And then you could properly love someone else.

If you truly take the time to appreciate your life, to appreciate the core of who you are, you’ll fall in love with all the right things.

Today I realized that there are so many things that I am happy about that I can’t even count them! And then it occurred to me that that is one of those uncountable reasons.

My cup runneth over. It truly does.
Sometimes sucky things try to cloud my vision. And you know what I do? Drop kick those sucky things right in the face and carry on with my life.

But maybe that’s just me!

I’m on top of the world.
And nothing, nothing will tear me down.

I was always afraid that I was weak. I was afraid that I was just really good at pretending to be strong.
Well, I was so very wrong.

I rock. You rock. Life rocks. EVERYTHING ROCKS. Got it? Cool.

If it doesn’t seem like your life rocks, then it’s because you haven’t chosen yet.
You get to choose if your life rocks.
Yep. Choose.
Let me tell you something: your grades do not choose, your parents do not choose, your love life does not choose, your physical appearance does not choose, your monetary status does not choose, your academic success does not choose, your diploma does not choose, your popularity does not choose.
YOU CHOOSE. The very core of who you are. You get to choose. Everything else is just variables.
True story.
End of story.

And if something does happen to you, you have two options:
1) Let it choose for you. And make you sad or upset or anything but happy.
2) Drop kick it right in the face and get on with your awesome life.
*Hint: #1 is not pleasant. Trust me, I’ve experienced it.
*Another hint: Try out #2. You’ll never go back to #1, I swear.

I beg you to fall in love with your life.
Lately, I’ve woken up genuinely excited. Excited about what, you ask?
Excited to be alive. To breathe. To move. To have another day to live. To have another day to love.

I spent too much time wishing and dreaming for my life to be different.
Which was dumb.

Act on the things you have always wanted to do. Go all in. Take that chance. Do it.

Immerse yourself in your very own life and self and just fall in love.

It’s the best kind of love there is.


I’ve Been

Hello hello!

Happy Easter and/or Happy Sunday! 🙂

How have you been?

I’ve been up to a lot…

So I am going to keep this short, because I am currently sitting in Starbucks and I’ve got stuff I really need to be doing.

Let’s see, I have…

gone camping for Easteweekend

taken tests and tests

run my longest long run yet (18 miles!!)

visited home

eaten clean…

and indulged of course 😉

smiled and laughed a ton

learned how to stay up late

and learned how to nap

I have not learned how to sleep in yet though!

I’ve worked my booty off

made birthday plans! (BUNGEE JUMPING!)

And I’ve been living!


My week is pretty busy, so I can’t guarantee many posts, but hopefully I’ll be able to pop in a bit!

How has your life been?




Serious, thoughtful Juliana


Typical Juliana



Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days! I’ve been living! Anyway, I’m waiting for my three hour chem lab to start, so here’s what’s powering me through: Tall Cafe Verona {dark roast} with a pump of caramel and half&half.

Legs are for transportation!

Happy Thursday!
How has yours been?
Mine has been super random.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t decide whether to ride my bike to school or take the bus. I had a gut feeling that I should’ve just taken my bike, but my legs wanted to chill so I rode the bus.

Well, after sitting through my literature lecture, I headed to the bus only to find that the buses were on lockdown!

You see, I attend UT Austin (hook ’em!) and we are currently having a Civil Rights Summit in LBJ Library. President Obama is here along with George Bush and Bill Clinton and other important people! Because of this, security is strict.

I decided that I was too impatient to wait for the bus and I also happened to be wearing my running shoes… Do you see where this is going?
I dumped my heaviest books in my locker, ate a cereal bar (?) snack and then:
I ran 4.1 miles home with my backpack on and walked the last .5!



I know. Cute faces.

I passed by a Juiceland so I bought and drankchugged a Marathon Man {pineapple, beets, flax oil}.


I was disgustingly sweaty (read: sweat was dripping into my eyes and burning them) so when she handed me my juice she said “good luck with your marathon!” Um, yeah. I had only done 3.1 but it probably looked like I was on mile 26!

Hahaha : )

I thought my backpack bouncing would drive me insane but it wasn’t too bad. Who needs vehicular transportation when you have your legs?!

Now I’m just chilling and thinking about going on a longer run later!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S. Sweaty + happy = bliss ❤

Mr. Natural

Okay okay, I know… I’ve posted a lot! But I have one more thing to say today!

This morning I tweeted that today was going to be a great day! And it has been!

I got out of my chem lab a whopping two hours early! I decided to bike a different route home to try and find a health food store I had driven past once!

It’s called Mr. Natural and it’s a store/restaurant/bakery! The store itself was more like all natural supplements and such, so I wasn’t too interested. However, I was drawn to the menu!

The restaurant looks delicious, but I was only wanting a snack before I rode the rest of the way home.

All the bakery items were made with simple, wholesome ingredients and were almost all vegan! {The restaurant is all vegetarian!}

I asked for the chocolate chip cookie, but the lady gave me the chocolate chip scone. I wasn’t complaining. I love scones. It was almost vegan, too. But it had honey!


It was so dense and delicious. I ate about half of it in the sunshine by my bike before I rode home and ate the other half!

It was amazing! I’m thinking about making it a Wednesday tradition! : )


P.S. Having lunch there totally got added to my bucket list!

Because I’m Happy

Life rocks so much. True story.
Even when it really doesn’t seem like it. It actually totally does.

Today I am happy to be alive. To live in Austin, TX. To have an amazing family.

Today I am happy I had my heart broken for the first time. To have discovered myself. To know who I truly am.

Today I am happy to attend UT. To study things I am passionate about. To strive to help others.

Today I am happy for iced coffee and a splash of milk. For music that makes me feel on top of the world. For the ability to walk.

Today I am happy to be alive and well. As I am every day.

I can only hope you are happy as well.