Happy April!

Happy April everyone! 🙂

Don’t worry, there will be no April Fool’s from me.

I love the first of the month. It’s always so refreshing and rejuvenating.

Today, I:

Went to my bio discussion & lit lecture!
Scarfed down a delicious and simple salad.
Ran 4 miles! {In celebration of April of course!}

(It was super hot! Thank goodness for handheld bottles!)
Walked to HEB for spinach and juicy strawberries!
Took a shower.
Started writing this post!

Later, I have work and then I’m headed to campus to write up my lab report for inorganic chem with NO distractions.

I can’t wait to see what April has to offer! 🙂
Have a good one!

Juliana ❤


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