An Unexpected Tuesday Ten

Howdy y’all! ; )

Guess what? I’m typing this up on a Mac right now!! Haha, the office in my apartment complex has one so I decided to use it.

Anyway, on to the point of this post!

Today, I ran an unexpected ten miles!


I have a test tonight and I’m not schedule to work until Friday, so I have a lot of free time this week. I decided to take advantage of that and make it a peak training week.

Nonetheless, when I headed out for my run today, I was planning to do 7 or maybe 8 miles. 

Eventually though, I got in the groove and felt like I was gliding (I love that feeling) so I just kept going!

The weather is lower 70s, sunny, and very very windy. There were a few moments that I thought I was going to be blown over! But I persevered : )

I finally checked my Nike app to see that I had gone 7.56 miles! I was close to home and could’ve stopped, but I thought “hey, in math class, that would round to 10, so I’m going to do 10!”

My mind works in silly ways. ; D

When I got home, I was so hot and thirsty! I had carried my Camelbak handheld with me, but warm water is NOT refreshing when you’re getting pretty hot!

I was (and still am) craving froyo in a major way. Maybe I can rope someone into going with me…

Anyway, I stretched, made myself a PB+J, took a shower, made a real dinner of eggs, spinach, salsa, avocado and then baby carrots with hummus. T’was scrumptious!

Pretty soon I am going to head to campus to cram a bit more and then tackle that chemistry test!

Our last test was the day after I had been broken up with… Sooo as you can imagine, my head was not in a good place and I did pretty poorly on the test.

Lucky for me, my prof drops the lowest test grade, and I’m coming at this one with vengeance! ;]

Now I’m just debating whether or not that froyo is going to happen… {Sabrina and Mathew could come… It’d be my treat! Haha!}

Peace out!



Do you crave anything after you workout?


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