Mr. Natural

Okay okay, I know… I’ve posted a lot! But I have one more thing to say today!

This morning I tweeted that today was going to be a great day! And it has been!

I got out of my chem lab a whopping two hours early! I decided to bike a different route home to try and find a health food store I had driven past once!

It’s called Mr. Natural and it’s a store/restaurant/bakery! The store itself was more like all natural supplements and such, so I wasn’t too interested. However, I was drawn to the menu!

The restaurant looks delicious, but I was only wanting a snack before I rode the rest of the way home.

All the bakery items were made with simple, wholesome ingredients and were almost all vegan! {The restaurant is all vegetarian!}

I asked for the chocolate chip cookie, but the lady gave me the chocolate chip scone. I wasn’t complaining. I love scones. It was almost vegan, too. But it had honey!


It was so dense and delicious. I ate about half of it in the sunshine by my bike before I rode home and ate the other half!

It was amazing! I’m thinking about making it a Wednesday tradition! : )


P.S. Having lunch there totally got added to my bucket list!

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