Legs are for transportation!

Happy Thursday!
How has yours been?
Mine has been super random.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t decide whether to ride my bike to school or take the bus. I had a gut feeling that I should’ve just taken my bike, but my legs wanted to chill so I rode the bus.

Well, after sitting through my literature lecture, I headed to the bus only to find that the buses were on lockdown!

You see, I attend UT Austin (hook ’em!) and we are currently having a Civil Rights Summit in LBJ Library. President Obama is here along with George Bush and Bill Clinton and other important people! Because of this, security is strict.

I decided that I was too impatient to wait for the bus and I also happened to be wearing my running shoes… Do you see where this is going?
I dumped my heaviest books in my locker, ate a cereal bar (?) snack and then:
I ran 4.1 miles home with my backpack on and walked the last .5!



I know. Cute faces.

I passed by a Juiceland so I bought and drankchugged a Marathon Man {pineapple, beets, flax oil}.


I was disgustingly sweaty (read: sweat was dripping into my eyes and burning them) so when she handed me my juice she said “good luck with your marathon!” Um, yeah. I had only done 3.1 but it probably looked like I was on mile 26!

Hahaha : )

I thought my backpack bouncing would drive me insane but it wasn’t too bad. Who needs vehicular transportation when you have your legs?!

Now I’m just chilling and thinking about going on a longer run later!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S. Sweaty + happy = bliss ❤

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