19 Things I Now Know

Oh hey, today’s my 19th birthday. And it has been such an amazing today! I was going to run 19 miles today, but ended up only doing 5 because of some weird back issues. My age is catching up with me… TOTALLY KIDDING!

Anyway, while I was running, I was thinking about how amazing everyone has been to me. I have felt showered in love from friends and family. I wish everyone could feel like this every single day, not just on their birthdays! Another thing I thought about is how amazing my 19 years of life have been. Sure, I’ve had ups and downs, but I have had nineteen years of life. And that is enough to fill me with pure joy.

There are children that do not get to reach this age. There are parents that do not get to throw 19th birthday parties.

I am so thankful and grateful for today. And everyday.

I started to compose a list of 19 things I have learned in these 19 years. Some are personal to me and some are pretty general. Nonetheless, it kept me entertained throughout my painful run and it kept me so joyful to be alive.

19 Things I Now Know:

1. Love others with all you’ve got. Never go halfway.
2. Coffee is best when made at home.
3. Some people are lost to the fire, others are born from it. Be the Phoenix.
4. Never ever ever give up. Anything is possible. Anything.
5. Don’t let others bring you down. “Birds peck at the ripest fruit.”
6. It’s okay to grieve and hurt. It’s not okay to make others feel that way.
7. When everything breaks down, you have two options: Lie with the rubble or build.
8. Not everything in your life will go to plan, but everything will be okay.
9. Your parents will love you even if you secretly get your nose pierced or change your major. Promise.
10. You’ll meet someone that will learn to know you better than you know yourself. That’s a true best friend. Never let ’em go.
11. Smiles are contagious.
12. Strive to inspire, not impress.
13. Sometimes your inner peace is more important than studying.
14. Don’t eat globs of peanut butter right before you run. Trust me.
15. Laughing while crying tears of joy may be the most exhilarating experience ever.
16. Just eat the dang scone. It’s going to be delicious.
17. Give people some credit. Remember, everyone’s just as human as you.
18. Hot showers and comfy pillows are good for the soul.
19. You are beautiful and talented and wonderful and smart and worth everything in the world. Never ever forget that.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.


Monday Mumblings

Here’s a short list of things that make me oh so very happy:

1. Running
I know what you’re thinking: “Juliana, tell us something we don’t know.” Haha, but it really does make me so so joyful!


2. My job
Especially when it just so happens to involve some running! Yesterday, Erica, some of the lovely ladies I work with and myself ran the Autism Speaks 8K! In case you were wondering, that’s ~4.86 miles. It was a double loop and it had two killer hills. Fo real. Anyway, it was majorly fun! My boss made us shirts to wear! The front said “CBTL Team SOLA”


3. Improvement
That race yesterday? I got 3rd in my age group! My total time was 42:10 and my average mile pace was 8:30. I started off at around 8:08 but once I hit the hills, I had to cool it down a bit. Nonetheless, I was so so happy. A year ago, I couldn’t even dream of running a sub 10 minute mile. I couldn’t even fathom running over 2 miles either! And yet, here I am today. Hard work, passion, discipline, and joy all came together and made me stronger. Heck, I have a 19 miler planned for Wednesday! Which brings me to number…

4. My Birthday
I turn 19 on Wednesday!! May 28, 1995: the day my parents became the luckiest people ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha! First thing on my birthday docket is to run 19 miles in celebration and gratitude of 19 years of life! WAHOOOOOOO!

Man, I’ve been waaaay off my blogging mojo lately. I think that I did so much school work this semester that my brain is in complete summer mode and doesn’t want to do anything that requires my attention for more than five minutes.

With that being said, I have watched a lotttttt of Bones on Netflix lately. Whatevs. I deserve it!

Also, I feel like I need to point out that there are waaaaay more than four things in my life that make me happy. Actually, it’s pretty easy to get me happy or excited about anything!


How’s your May been?!

All The Things

Hi, I’m alive!

I’ve just been doing ALL THE THINGS and sitting down to write a blog post hasn’t been one of them.

I’ve been eating, training, biking, running, swimming, working, adventuring, reuniting with friends, laughing, rock climbing, cleaning, driving, planning, relaxing, sleeping, cooking, grocery shopping, yoga-ing, and so so so much more!

I’ll hopefully be back soon with something of more depth!


^^^ TRUE

Ramblings of A Procrastinator.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

You are so so so appreciated and loved.

Well, that goes for everyone else too!

This morning I had work, in a little while I’m going apartment hunting, and later I’m getting my workout on!

20 mile bike ride and a 1000 meter swim. Wahhooooo!

As you all probably know already, my last final is Tuesday morning… I’m a little nervous.

Tomorrow I have another long ride and a run, but I’m going to knock that out in the morning so that I won’t feel stressed while sitting around all day studying acid-base theory. Ohhh, the struggle.

Anyway, I was just popping in to say hello!

It is a b-e-a-utiful day outside and I can’t wait to enjoy it.

Also, I’ve been working on weaning myself off of caffeine and it is going smoothly. When I’m working, I have access to unlimited iced coffee and sometimes I would suck it down like there was no tomorrow… Even when I wasn’t tired!

So my goal as of late, which is working out pretty well, is a cup of coffee in the morning (just one) and then hot green tea in the afternoon if necessary!

Also, I’ve been cutting down on meat and dairy quite a bit (except for the gelato festival… whoops!) and I’ve had SO much more energy. It’s odd.

I haven’t been hitting the afternoon slump like I used to. Seriously, around 1:30-2:30 I used to just DIE. And now I feel so great! Sometimes if I do get sleepy I drink the tea and/or take a 20 minute nap. I’m fine with that. I am not okay with total caffeine dependence!ย 

Since I’ll hopefully get in the study zone, I’ll be back after I take my chem final! Wish me luck!

Summer is so so close! HUZZAH! ๐Ÿ™‚

So much time for running and biking and swimming and baking and playing and fun and LIFE. โค

See y’all later! ๐Ÿ˜‰



P.S. I could totally be studying right now.

The Best Person I Know

Happy Saturday!
How are you?

Today I:
Ran a wonderful, music-less 4 miler
Went to lunch with my family for an early Mother’s Day celebration
Took my 116 question biology final
Went to a gelato festival
And now I’m writing this and gearing up for a nap!

I have one more final on Tuesday morning, but then I’m freeeeee!

I’d really like to play tennis right now for whatever reason… But I’m pretty pooped AND I don’t have a tennis partner!

Speaking of partners, I’d like to talk about my duet partner. My best friend for my whole entire life. My sister. My other half. My soulmate. Eileen!

I’m not quite sure if she reads my blog, but if she does then hey bb!
Today she had her last dance recital at the studio since she’s a senior this year! I didn’t get to to go because of my dumb final and to be 100% honest! I cried when I found out I wouldn’t be able to go. Nonetheless, even without seeing it with my own eyes, I know she brought everything she had to the table. Because that’s what she does. Not only in dance, but with her whole life.

Eileen will wax poetic about how I’ve changed her life, but the thing is… She does not realize how much she’s changed mine! She’s my guidance counselor, my therapist, my mom, and my sister. She knows me better than anyone else in this world and I can guarantee that.

She’s beautiful inside and out and has a heart of absolute pure gold. Not to mention, she’s tough as nails. Life has knocked her down more than enough times, yet she still stands up. Stronger and stronger every time.

She’s my role model. Truly.

I had the pleasure of dancing with her for nearly 14 years. Being her duet partner as well! I would do anything to get to do that again. Even when we argued about choreography or about whether or not to go to Sonic for kids meals, we were always in sync. And we still are.

And that’s how I know our friendship isn’t like others. We don’t feel the need for shallow acts of “friendship”, because we know it’s there. No need to prove it to others. Not only that, but no matter how long we go without seeing each other, talking to each other, or being in a fight (hahaha!) we always pick up the pieces.

Nothing is ever awkward.
I don’t say this often, but I do know that I am blessed to have her in my life.
All the way since elementary school.
And I’ve known that for a while, but today I was reveling in the greatness of having someone that is more than just a best friend. She’s my other half!
She’s helped me through my darkest times and she’s seen me when I’ve swallowed the sun!

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Stay pausal, Eileen.







My tea told me something very wise today.


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on Cloud 9 for quite some time.
Last night while having dinner with some friends, I went to put ketchup on my plate and when I squeezed it, the nasty ketchup juice came out first!
Out of shock I said “oh man, this is the worst thing that’s happened all day!”
And one of my friends replied, “it must’ve been a pretty good day, then.”

It was funny. And 100000% correct. It really was a good day. As is today. And the day before yesterday and the day before that and tomorrow will be too! And the day after tomorrow and so on and so forth. I guarantee it.

Want to know why I know that?
Because I will choose, consciously choose, to make every single day the best day ever.

I’m the happiest, most joyful, most carefree, and most utterly blissful right now than any other time in my life.

Boy oh boy, I thought I knew what happiness was and I was dead wrong.

Happiness is knowing that it is all up to you. Your happiness does not have to depend someone or something else.

Do things for yourself! It’s your turn to make yourself proud.

This isn’t the groundhog’s shadow, people.
If you wake up and see a shadow, put on some sunglasses and sunscreen, turn towards the light, and bask in the sun.
But you have got to decide to do that.

I chose that. And it has made all the difference.




Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day!

I’m writing this post as a desperate attempt to fight off the urge to make coffee… I really want to wean myself off of caffeine this summer, but I woke up so early this morning and had an awesome workout and I’m starting to feel pretty sleepy…

And I already took a 40 minute nap.

Hey, a sista’s gotta do what a sista’s gotta do.

But good news… I finished my literature essay! I woke up this morning already planning on starting, finishing, and turning it in today. And it’s not even due until Saturday!
I didn’t want to procrastinate because I was hating the way it was sitting on my shoulders… It was weird to have to actually do something instead if just studying for finals, so I’m glad I got it out of the way.

1250 words and 2.5 hours of sitting on my bootay and I got it done! Whoo!
Now I just have a biology final Saturday afternoon and a chemistry final Tuesday morning and I am freeeeee! Sweet, sweet summertime is so close.

After I finished I headed to Gregory Gym to celebrate! [I’m also feeling a track workout later tonight!]
I did:
1 mile treadmill warm up – This actually kind of turned into a tempo run. It was super fun and I’m thinking that on extremely hot days this summer I’ll do longer ones!
15 push ups
30 squats – With an 11# medicine ball!
1 minute plank
2×15 rows – with 10# dumbells
10 static lunges – each leg with 11# medicine ball
10 jump lunges – hurts soooo good.
10 side planks curls – each side. 7# dumbell.
5 burpees – with a 5 second push up hold
25 tricep dips
20 plank jacks
10 tucks jumps
20 hip bridges (?) – basically just pelvic thrusting the air. With 10# plate.

Then I came home reaaaal sweaty, made lunch, lounged around, fell asleep, had some Cheerios with almond milk, and now I’m here!

I could go get some more groceries since I go through my produce so quickly, but I’m sick of spending money and I really am so so tired.

And this sun just came out! It’s been dreary all day. But it is pretty humid out there… Hmm, we shall see! Maybe I’ll just spend more time resting so that tonight’s sprints are super energized!

How’s your Wednesday going?!
A very sleepy Juliana

Body Talk

I’m embarrassed.
Not for the pictures that you’re about to see.
But for not initially posting them.

My sister took plenty of awesome pictures of me during the tri, which I posted on my Facebook and quite a few here. However, some did not make the initial cut. Why? Because I was self conscious I was an idiot.

So, here they are:



Here were my thoughts:
1) Ew, it looks like I have terrible cellulite and flabby legs.
2) I look pregnant!

Oh man oh man. I’m so silly. I would never say something like that to someone else, so why in the world should I think it to myself?!

So instead, let’s focus on what’s actually important… Not what my body looks like, but all the freaking awesome stuff it can do:
1) Oh, Juliana, those “flabby” legs you felt worried about? They ran 8:16 minute miles on Sunday. Those legs gave you a half marathon PR you never imagined you’d reach. Those legs can run 18 miles. Those legs will carry you across the finish line of an Ironman one day. Oh, and thighs? Totally lame. Mmm baby check out those calves ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) Awe, poor baby Juliana whining about a bloated stomach. Yeah, it was full of freaking delicious oatmeal that my body used to fuel and nourish me for that dang race! Thank you Mr. Oatmeal in my Stomach for the trophy sitting on my desk! You know what else? Those distended abs can hold planks out the wazoo. Challenge me to a plank holding contest, I dare you.

Yeah, my body rocks. All the way from my crazy hair to my odd pinky toes that don’t actually touch the ground.

Hey, your body rocks too. Give it some credit! And some love while you’re at it!

With summer so close, having the perfect bathing suit body is on the mind. Truth be told, it’s been on my mind too. And it’s horrible. It stresses me out! And why?!

I can compare myself to other girls stick legs and Barbie waists all day and what does that do for anyone?
Nada. Well, actually, it just makes me bummed! Which is so very ridonk.

I love my muscles. I love knowing how powerful and willing and strong my body is. I love driving somewhere and thinking “Hey, I could’ve run here!” I’d rather have thick muscular thighs than a thigh gap. And my genes made me a little short and stout, but that just means my awesomeness is a little more concentrated. Yeah, it does, no arguments allowed.

I love nourishing my body with clean eats and vitamin-rich foods. I also like bagels and scones.
And that’s okay. No one is perfect.
No. One. Is. Perfect.
You know what I had for lunch after my race? A hot dog and pecan pie. Heck to the yes. I need more pecan pie in my life.

Cherish your body for what it can do, not for what it looks like.
And don’t forget that your sense of self should not be defined by your outer appearance.

Make your heart and mind happy and healthy and your body will follow suit, I promise.


Race Recap

Good morning folks! How’s your Monday going so far?! Swimmingly, I hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m currently at Jiffy Lube finally getting an oil change, but later I’m kayaking with a friend and then we’re going to eat Mexican food to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Kicking off Hell Week the right way.

Anyway, so if you didn’t already know, the Rookie Tri was yesterday! It was amazing. I have so much to say about it so I’m going to try to break it down chronologically.

1) Transition set up:
I didn’t forget anything! Hallelujah. Haha, I set up my little space really quickly too.

Of course before entering the transition area, I got body marked. They wrote on my arms, thighs, and calves in Sharpie and I still can’t get it off! Hahaha! I was wearing a pair of old sandals while setting up and there were these prickly burrs poking through my sandals and leaving splinters in my feet!!! Horrible, right?! Even worse, they were in the transition area. So when you leave the swim to transition for the bike, you’re running through there barefoot. But we’ll get to that experience.

2) Yoga:
They had warm up yoga! Haha it was nice and I’d really like to try practicing yoga pretty regularly.

3)The Swim:
Holy guacamole folks. I got out of the swim, looked down at my watch, and the first thing out of my mouth was “that was so slow!” It was insanity. First off, I didn’t train in open water. Secondly, I was kicked more than expected. Third, I was kicked by a woman doing backstroke. Like whaaaat?! Fourth, the water was so cold. I didn’t warm up at all during the swim like I expected too. My lungs hurt by the time I finished because it was so cold.


3) Swim to Bike transition:
I ran trudged up the hill to the transition area. On my way to my bike I stepped all over the burrs so a good portion of my time was spent getting the stickers out of my feet! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Alas, I survived!


4) The Bike:
11 miles of pure hillyness. I was not properly trained for the bike, let alone hills. However, I was peeved with my swim time so I kicked it up a notch and pushed until my legs burned more than they ever had.

Also, at one point there was a steep downhill with a curve at the bottom and they warned to slow down for the curve. Of course, once you turn the curve there was another steep hill. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜‰

5) Bike to Run transition:
Oh baby, I was excited. The best event was saved for last! My transition took 56 seconds.

I threw off my helmet, hung up my bike, pulled my visor on and was ready to party.

6) The Run:
I couldn’t really feel my legs. Hahaha, but they somehow managed to crank out 8:16 minute miles ๐Ÿ˜€ I was so giddy during the whole run. Erica was near the finish line to cheer me to the end so I sprinted!


7) The TROPHY:
I got third in my age group! Whaaaaaat.

It was awesome!

Overall, it was an awesome race! I ended up so pleased with how I did. I learned a bunch about how I need to
train for the Oilman… Read: Brick workouts and transition practices… Haha!

After all this, I’m still waiting on my car! Lame. But oh well!

Life is grand!