Body Talk

I’m embarrassed.
Not for the pictures that you’re about to see.
But for not initially posting them.

My sister took plenty of awesome pictures of me during the tri, which I posted on my Facebook and quite a few here. However, some did not make the initial cut. Why? Because I was self conscious I was an idiot.

So, here they are:



Here were my thoughts:
1) Ew, it looks like I have terrible cellulite and flabby legs.
2) I look pregnant!

Oh man oh man. I’m so silly. I would never say something like that to someone else, so why in the world should I think it to myself?!

So instead, let’s focus on what’s actually important… Not what my body looks like, but all the freaking awesome stuff it can do:
1) Oh, Juliana, those “flabby” legs you felt worried about? They ran 8:16 minute miles on Sunday. Those legs gave you a half marathon PR you never imagined you’d reach. Those legs can run 18 miles. Those legs will carry you across the finish line of an Ironman one day. Oh, and thighs? Totally lame. Mmm baby check out those calves 😉

2) Awe, poor baby Juliana whining about a bloated stomach. Yeah, it was full of freaking delicious oatmeal that my body used to fuel and nourish me for that dang race! Thank you Mr. Oatmeal in my Stomach for the trophy sitting on my desk! You know what else? Those distended abs can hold planks out the wazoo. Challenge me to a plank holding contest, I dare you.

Yeah, my body rocks. All the way from my crazy hair to my odd pinky toes that don’t actually touch the ground.

Hey, your body rocks too. Give it some credit! And some love while you’re at it!

With summer so close, having the perfect bathing suit body is on the mind. Truth be told, it’s been on my mind too. And it’s horrible. It stresses me out! And why?!

I can compare myself to other girls stick legs and Barbie waists all day and what does that do for anyone?
Nada. Well, actually, it just makes me bummed! Which is so very ridonk.

I love my muscles. I love knowing how powerful and willing and strong my body is. I love driving somewhere and thinking “Hey, I could’ve run here!” I’d rather have thick muscular thighs than a thigh gap. And my genes made me a little short and stout, but that just means my awesomeness is a little more concentrated. Yeah, it does, no arguments allowed.

I love nourishing my body with clean eats and vitamin-rich foods. I also like bagels and scones.
And that’s okay. No one is perfect.
No. One. Is. Perfect.
You know what I had for lunch after my race? A hot dog and pecan pie. Heck to the yes. I need more pecan pie in my life.

Cherish your body for what it can do, not for what it looks like.
And don’t forget that your sense of self should not be defined by your outer appearance.

Make your heart and mind happy and healthy and your body will follow suit, I promise.


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