My tea told me something very wise today.


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on Cloud 9 for quite some time.
Last night while having dinner with some friends, I went to put ketchup on my plate and when I squeezed it, the nasty ketchup juice came out first!
Out of shock I said “oh man, this is the worst thing that’s happened all day!”
And one of my friends replied, “it must’ve been a pretty good day, then.”

It was funny. And 100000% correct. It really was a good day. As is today. And the day before yesterday and the day before that and tomorrow will be too! And the day after tomorrow and so on and so forth. I guarantee it.

Want to know why I know that?
Because I will choose, consciously choose, to make every single day the best day ever.

I’m the happiest, most joyful, most carefree, and most utterly blissful right now than any other time in my life.

Boy oh boy, I thought I knew what happiness was and I was dead wrong.

Happiness is knowing that it is all up to you. Your happiness does not have to depend someone or something else.

Do things for yourself! It’s your turn to make yourself proud.

This isn’t the groundhog’s shadow, people.
If you wake up and see a shadow, put on some sunglasses and sunscreen, turn towards the light, and bask in the sun.
But you have got to decide to do that.

I chose that. And it has made all the difference.



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