Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day!

I’m writing this post as a desperate attempt to fight off the urge to make coffee… I really want to wean myself off of caffeine this summer, but I woke up so early this morning and had an awesome workout and I’m starting to feel pretty sleepy…

And I already took a 40 minute nap.

Hey, a sista’s gotta do what a sista’s gotta do.

But good news… I finished my literature essay! I woke up this morning already planning on starting, finishing, and turning it in today. And it’s not even due until Saturday!
I didn’t want to procrastinate because I was hating the way it was sitting on my shoulders… It was weird to have to actually do something instead if just studying for finals, so I’m glad I got it out of the way.

1250 words and 2.5 hours of sitting on my bootay and I got it done! Whoo!
Now I just have a biology final Saturday afternoon and a chemistry final Tuesday morning and I am freeeeee! Sweet, sweet summertime is so close.

After I finished I headed to Gregory Gym to celebrate! [I’m also feeling a track workout later tonight!]
I did:
1 mile treadmill warm up – This actually kind of turned into a tempo run. It was super fun and I’m thinking that on extremely hot days this summer I’ll do longer ones!
15 push ups
30 squats – With an 11# medicine ball!
1 minute plank
2×15 rows – with 10# dumbells
10 static lunges – each leg with 11# medicine ball
10 jump lunges – hurts soooo good.
10 side planks curls – each side. 7# dumbell.
5 burpees – with a 5 second push up hold
25 tricep dips
20 plank jacks
10 tucks jumps
20 hip bridges (?) – basically just pelvic thrusting the air. With 10# plate.

Then I came home reaaaal sweaty, made lunch, lounged around, fell asleep, had some Cheerios with almond milk, and now I’m here!

I could go get some more groceries since I go through my produce so quickly, but I’m sick of spending money and I really am so so tired.

And this sun just came out! It’s been dreary all day. But it is pretty humid out there… Hmm, we shall see! Maybe I’ll just spend more time resting so that tonight’s sprints are super energized!

How’s your Wednesday going?!
A very sleepy Juliana

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