Monday Mumblings

Here’s a short list of things that make me oh so very happy:

1. Running
I know what you’re thinking: “Juliana, tell us something we don’t know.” Haha, but it really does make me so so joyful!


2. My job
Especially when it just so happens to involve some running! Yesterday, Erica, some of the lovely ladies I work with and myself ran the Autism Speaks 8K! In case you were wondering, that’s ~4.86 miles. It was a double loop and it had two killer hills. Fo real. Anyway, it was majorly fun! My boss made us shirts to wear! The front said “CBTL Team SOLA”


3. Improvement
That race yesterday? I got 3rd in my age group! My total time was 42:10 and my average mile pace was 8:30. I started off at around 8:08 but once I hit the hills, I had to cool it down a bit. Nonetheless, I was so so happy. A year ago, I couldn’t even dream of running a sub 10 minute mile. I couldn’t even fathom running over 2 miles either! And yet, here I am today. Hard work, passion, discipline, and joy all came together and made me stronger. Heck, I have a 19 miler planned for Wednesday! Which brings me to number…

4. My Birthday
I turn 19 on Wednesday!! May 28, 1995: the day my parents became the luckiest people ever. 😉 Haha! First thing on my birthday docket is to run 19 miles in celebration and gratitude of 19 years of life! WAHOOOOOOO!

Man, I’ve been waaaay off my blogging mojo lately. I think that I did so much school work this semester that my brain is in complete summer mode and doesn’t want to do anything that requires my attention for more than five minutes.

With that being said, I have watched a lotttttt of Bones on Netflix lately. Whatevs. I deserve it!

Also, I feel like I need to point out that there are waaaaay more than four things in my life that make me happy. Actually, it’s pretty easy to get me happy or excited about anything!


How’s your May been?!

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