Pumpkin in June?

Hello again!

Remember how I said I was planning on baking?
Well I did!

I made pumpkin muffins with pecans and pepitas! 🙂
I followed this recipe almost to a T.

I made one exciting swap though. Instead of brown sugar, I used organic coconut palm sugar. Whaaaat.

I’ve been avoiding processed sugars as much as I can because of the stress it puts on your body. I’ve been going for more natural sources, such as fruit and now this:

Check out the nutrition stats people


Well hot dog. That’s some whole foods goodness I can dig!

Of course, like any health food, there’s controversy on whether or not it’s truly “a healthy alternative” to other sugars. There are doctors and nutritionists and so many others throwing out confusing scientific word vomit to sway people in their direction.

I chose to use this because it is so much more pure to me. It is not processed and mixed with other artificial carcinogens sweeteners.

Not to mention, I love coconut. Except for coconut butter, ew. That can stay far away. So many people avoid coconut milk or oil because of its high saturated fat content. What people don’t realize is that there’s different kinds of saturated fats! The sat. fat in your bacon you had for breakfast is different from the sat. fast my coconut oil had this morning! Coconut is full of medium chain fats, which are broken down and transported much more easily by the body. Which means that the fat can be used for energy and it’s less likely to build up in your arteries. Holllaaaa at that.

Anywayyyyy, you should go make these muffins. Trust me. I’ve already eaten two as a mid-morning preworkout snack. I plan to freeze the rest for future enjoyment!


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