Guys, I’m passionate about a lot of things.

I’m passionate about running and eating real food and loving other people.
I’m passionate about seeing people realize their potential and choosing happiness.
I’m passionate about helping others and watching them soar.
Let’s be real, I’m passionate about peanut butter and bananas.
I’m passionate about smiling and laughing.
I’m passionate about exploring to know where you truly belong.
I’m passionate about conquering my dreams and completing an Ironman.

I really really care about a lot of things wholeheartedly.

Admittedly, sometimes it opens me up for heartache.
But sometimes, it opens my heart up for some really awesome things.

And people, I can feel that coming.

Stay tuned.



One thought on “Passion

  1. Those are great things to be passionate about! I feel blessed to have found some passions in my life as well (many similar to yours). Thanks for sharing!

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