Year 2.

Morning! Long time no see.

Just popping in to let you guys know it is my first day of my second year of school and I’m finally starting nutrition classes. 🙂

I’m so excited to start studying something I’m truly passionate about and cannot wait to see where this semester takes me.

Have a dang good day!


My goals for the semester are summarized nicely by this:


Airport Adventures

Good morning!
I haven’t even been awake for two hours yet but I’ve already had quite the adventure.

It started off with a 2:30 am wake up call. Yes, 2:30. My flight leaves at 6. What can I say? I like to be on time! 😉 Anyway, I stayed in a king sized bed at a La Quinta and it was so nice. As can be expected, considering I’d been camping the past four days!

Anyway, I quickly changed, packed anything I had taken out of my little bag, brewed one of the free cups of coffee and headed out the door! I had a White Chocolate Macadamia Luna Bar (which is amazing when dunked in coffee), but I’m going to try to get something else from one of these cafés before I board my plane!

I got to long term parking and waited at one of the shuttle bus stations… And I waited. And waited. All the buses seemed to be going to every other lot but mine. I called to ask if the shuttles were running to my lot (which “well they were earlier”) and the man said he’d send one my way. 20 minutes later, I decided to find a shuttle myself. I hopscotched and hiked from lot to lot until I finally tracked one down.

I entered the airport, but TSA was still closed, so I sat down in an empty cafe seating area. A woman came and sat next to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and shoved her boarding pass in my face. Please keep in mind that at this point I have still only had one cup of very weak coffee, so I was majorly confused. She spoke only Spanish. She needed help understanding her ticket, so using the Spanish I could recall from the depths of my brain, I helped her. Funnily enough, the airport vocabulary I learned in Spanish 2 that seemed ridiculous at the time would’ve been really helpful… If I had remembered it.

We continued to talk communicate and this is what I took away:
Her name is Maria. She’s 25 and from Ecuador. She has a 5 year old son and her husband was waiting for her in NY. He had been there for 4 months with a visa.
Aaaaaand that’s about it. She asked to borrow my jacket because she was cold and I told her she could keep it. I felt fine and it was like a $4 Old Navy jacket that I had dug out from the depths of my car yesterday.

Now, enter Mark. A 28 year old from New Hampshire (that is actually walking towards me as I write this, holy guacamole…) that was visiting Texas for the first time. Mark had something a bit peculiar about him, but I listened intently as he told me about all the things he had done while in Texas. Apparently there’s a Texas railroad that you can ride on?!

Finally, he abruptly told me bye and walked away. By the way, all he did just now was walk by and say “hi Juliana!”

I got up, said by the Maria, and went through security. I was full body scanned. Actually, it seemed like everyone was getting the scan. After I walked through, a lady patted down my hair and ponytail. It was odd. Especially since I just haven’t been in an airport in years.

And here I am, sitting at my gate, waiting for a cafe to open so that I can caffeinate. T minus seven hours until Cali! 🙂

I’m hoping to chat it up with whoever I sit next to on the plane, but considering this flight is so early, I think the whole flight may just be asleep.

Talk to you soon! (Probably in Phoenix!)
Wish me safe travels!


Read These Please

Hey world 🙂

I am currently sitting in an oddly empty room with a sleeping man at some public library. I wanted to kill time with AC, some wifi, and possibly another new book before I head to the airport for hours and hours.

My flight for California departs at 6 am tomorrow and I didn’t want to book a hotel or camp, so I’ll be spending the night there! New experiences > comfort.

Considering I was in Bookpeople earlier and now a library, I figured I’d share the books I’ve read this summer! You should most definitely read them.

However, let me first say, that i really really like to read. Nonfiction. And mostly travel memoirs. I get on reading kicks, though. I can go months without reading a single book to completion, but then I’ll suddenly read 3 books back to back to back. That’s happening now. And I love it. Although, I’m having a hard time finding more books as soon as I finish one.

Nonetheless, here is my short list:
Wild by Cheryl Strayed – The movie comes out in December (which I didn’t know when I was reading it) and Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl!
Going Somewhere by Brian Benson – I liked this one a lot and it inspired my further for my bike trip to Hamilton Pool (which I haven’t blogged about yet…)
Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson – Okay, Bryson is hilarious. In this book, he’s traveling throughout Europe (which is awesome) and he’s cracking wise butt jokes along the way.)
A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson – I actually read this in high school, but I loved it. And it is why I want to hike the Appalachian Trail eventually.
Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves – I’m actually currently reading this one, but I can relate to Eaves a lot. And it has sparked an interest in Egypt in me again.

I don’t know what to read next! I’ll probably buy another book in California. I’m thinking I’ll read all of Bill Bryson’s books….

Got any recommendations?!

what do you like to read?



Sorry to have gone MIA! Life’s been a little on the wild side and will be for the next two weeks! 🙂

I’m loving it though! The nomadic life is pretty awesome.

Want to keep up with my shenanigans until I have time to actually write about them?

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I’ve been training and working and moving and going on many many adventures. School starts in 16 days and I leave for California is 3 days! Holy guacamole, I’m packing summer with greatness until the very last day! 🙂

At the moment, I am without a constant source of wifi… Or a house. Wait, what is Juliana talking about? Check it out on Insta.

Talk to you soon! (Hopefully!)

And RIP Robin Williams ❤