Breaking the rules…

Yo! I am mere minutes away from leaving for a two hour drive for my triathlon tomorrow!

I don’t know if I’ll have time to write tonight, so I’ll fill you in now:

This is NOT the half Ironman I’ve been training for. This is a quarter distance Ironman, so the distances are 1000m swim, 29 mile ride, 6.2 mile run.

I’m excited, buuuuuut I’m breaking all the race day “rules”. 😉

I’ll be camping tonight, so tomorrow morning my race day routine will be all out of whack. I normally have the same breakfast for every single race but tomorrow is TBD. Also, coffee. I’m not sure how I’ll get my hands on that tomorrow but I know that I will somehow.

Next, race attire. I’m trying out my tri suit for all three events tomorrow. I’ve swam and rode in it before, but I’ve never run in it.

NUTRITION! For being interested in becoming a sports dietitian I am really terrible at fueling myself during workouts. Tomorrow I’ll be trying a variety of things. Stay strong, stomach. Stay strong.

Finally, training. I know I can do all three of the components fairly easily, but putting them together will be the real challenge.

Nevertheless, I’m ridiculously pumped. I’m not looking for a PR of any kind. I’m just looking to finish strong! 🙂

It’s also my first solo race, so I’m going to have the opportunity to just focus on myself and not have to worry who is watching.

Wish me luck!



tri tri2

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