Good morning and happy Friday! It’s the weekend! 

I don’t have much on the agenda which I am insanely pleased about. I was going to do a brick workout with Texas Triathlon this morning, but I woke up and ate breakfast and went back to sleep. My whole body felt droopy and I ended up sleeping for two more hours, so I guess I needed it! Last night I swam 2200 yards at Greg! That’s a little over 1.2 miles. It made me even more excited for 70.3 in a couple weeks!

Also, if you know me you know that I am addicted to coffee. Well, yesterday I went caffeine free all day! Coffee didn’t sound very appetizing in the morning and I felt pretty great all day, so I went without it! However, today, as I write this my pot of coffee is finishing brewing. 😉 I am weaning myself off of so much caffeine though. My coffee is half-caff!

I’m in the mood to cook and bake today, so maybe I’ll have a recipe later!

Have a wonderful day!


race1 race2

The race pictures from the Kerrville Tri are slowly but surely being released. Here are some running ones! I don’t look like I was suffering too much! 😉

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