Boring Sentences

I’ve never been incredibly good with words. Typically I have so many thoughts and ideas running through my mind but I just can’t find the words or elegance to fully express them. It bothers me on occasion because I have so many things I want to passionately write about and wholeheartedly share with others, but I just can’t get the words right. Nonetheless, I try. But maybe it’s because elegance just really isn’t my style? I find myself nearly bursting at the seems with excitement and innovation and I just can’t keep trapping that in neatly worded sentences and period marks. I think that passion NEEDS exclamation marks and capitalization! I don’t want my thoughts to blend in; I want them to stand out as much as they do in my mind! I’m very good at being calm. I like to be amped and active and looking forward to what’s next while still fully embracing the present! I like that my thought process isn’t always linear because then I get to see things in many different ways, even if it is frustrating at times!

You guys, I want to end world hunger but you better believe that I will not solely tackle it in fancy suits and important meetings. I want to be in the field. I want to get down to the nitty gritty. I want the exclamation points.

If you know me AT ALL, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that elegance isn’t used to describe me. Reservation isn’t what I do. Poised and perfect is kind of a joke to me.

I like to walk with purpose. I rejoice over inner strength and beauty. I like to keep my mind open to people and ideas. I like to smile and I like to make people laugh. I love uninhibited, passionate people. Time is not money — time is ideas.

Do the things you actually like to do. Be the way you’re meant to be! DON’T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR EXCITEMENT!

Go get ’em. Every single day. Be a mover and a shaker.

Stop trying to be “fancy.” Embrace your mess. It’s awesome.

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