I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what it means to live.

I think that many of us are very guilty about thinking very linearly. “First I’ll do this until this and then I’ll need to do this and then I’ll finally do that.” And we lead ourselves to believe that all this waiting and procrastination will be worth it in the end. As if there’s some final destination to life.

Well, there’s not. There is no ultimate destination in life. There will always be what ifs, I should’ve…, I wish I had…! There’s a reason why life has a verb form.


Personally, I’ve never been patient enough for delayed gratification. If I have to wait, I most definitely fill the time with other things I want to do.

So go do.

It’s really simple. And because of that, we analyze it at every possible angle.

But just go do it. DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE TO DO.


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